The move creatively philosophy

The human body loves to move creatively, especially when combined with appealing rhythm and music. The ADTA and DMT have shown scientific proof of the mental, psychological and cognitive benefits of dance/movement. We have seen the good that dance can yield for individuals. The team behind Boston Mobile Dance Studio and all our members, each and every one of them, have their own special stories. We see dance as a liberating and rejuvenating experience. This is why we want the rest of the world to know how good it really feels to move creatively! With dance, you can express the feelings and emotions which are often almost impossible to express verbally.

Dancing makes you aware of your body, say thank you for being alive! Move Creatively!

In many cultures, dance is used for healing trauma and other healing purposes. It is also used in many religions for worship and celebration. No wonder why there are so many beautiful people with disabilities that are absolutely amazing movers. Give huge kudos to them!

Why are there so many unhappy people in the world?

Why is there so much depression, anger, loneliness? Because people don’t express their emotions; they’re not free to be who they are, they’re not free to move creatively.

We want to make that change through our work and the Move Creatively philosophy. We’re here to show you how happy dance and movement can make you.

We want everyone to know that anyone can dance. Dancing is the language of your mind and body connection.

Discover yourself through dance

Express yourself, you can be creative too. We want you to be happy, we want you to heal. Let your body move and let your soul dance and move creatively.

“Dancing and movement is cross training for life…it is a tool for moving into the world”

Action creates motion and motion comes from emotion, it comes straight from the heart!

Private lessons

Leave your pain on the dance floor, leave the negative emotions behind. Create new positive emotions, move forward, push forward, and share your new positive emotions with us and other people around the world.

Dance is the fundamental expression form of the human instinct… 4
  Dancing is what makes us different from the rest of the animals!   1
Do you know what amazing stuff happens to your brain when you’re dancing? For a cool visual presentation, have a look at our Infographic: The Dancing Brain.