Say it with a Flash Mob

Flash Mob Preparation Classes

Are you thinking of a nice birthday surprise for someone or a special wedding proposal? You definitely can’t go wrong with a Flash Mob!

Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur and you’d like to organize an extra cool business promotion in public…

Or even an association raising awareness for a cause…

Consider a Flash Mob, your message can’t go unnoticed.

Communicate your cause

A Flash Mob is a great way to stand-up for a cause in a positive way. Attract the attention and raise awareness about something that really matters to you with a Flash Mob.

Promote your business

Grab your customers attention with a super creative Flash Mob which we will help you prepare. Set up your marketing campaign and promote it with a Flash Mob.

Celebrate your event

Tell someone how much you love them. Share it with the world and shout it with a Flash Mob.


How it works

With Boston Mobile Dance Studio you can prepare yourself and your team for a Flash Mob within a few hours. We can even bring in more people and dancers for you to make it even bigger. Just click below and arrange a Flash Mob with Boston Mobile Dance Studio.

How much does it cost?

$180 starting price per hour

*additional fees may occur depending on location

Flash Mob prep