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Five Top Things To Do This Weekend in Boston – May 6-7

Oh, weekend already is it??? Wow, time flies fast these days!

But, the weekend will pass even faster… so make the most out of it!

This weekend is even more packed with awesome art, fun, and dance events in Boston…

my team and I had a hard time choosing our fave this time, but we promised we’d give you 5 each week to make things easier for you…

So, here they are:

May 6th & 7th, This Weekends Top Dance Events in Boston

Top Dance Event #1

From the Horse’s Mouth at the Dance Complex

Performed by the Julie Ince Thompson Theatre, “From the Horse’s Mouth” is this year’s celebration of Boston’s rich dance history and the long year existence of the Dance Complex within the scene.

This is an improvisational performance which brings together dancers of all ages and genres to creatively share their own dance stories with the audience.

Now, how’s that for freedom and creativity!? Don’t miss this if you love getting inspired by creative and unconventional performance ideas.

Video: From the Horse’s Mouth directed by Tina Croll and James Cunningham

When: Saturday, May 6th at 8 pm & Sunday, May 7th at 7 pm

Where: The Dance Complex, Cambridge, MA

Get Tickets:

Top Dance Event #2

Sankofa – “Call Time” at the Williams College

“Stepping forward by looking back” is the way this creatively striking step dance form is represented.

The step team of the Williams College was originally founded back in 1996. The two founding dancers combined beats and dance moves of the South African Gumboot, the military drill, West African Dance, and Hip-Hop.

Today, the latest dancer set-up continues to combine different dance styles, music, and even voice to inspire and amaze the audience with their unique energy and creativity.

Okay, we’re already wanting to go to both of the dance events mentioned so far…

Like, how can we miss these inspiring events which embody our favorite terms “Creativity Freedom” and “Creativity with no boundaries”?

Video: Sankofa Closing Set – 11th Annual Steady Steppin’ Forward Step Competition

When: Saturday, May 6th at 8 PM

Where: Williams College ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance, Williamstown, MA

Get Tickets:

Top Dance Event #3

Fundraiser for MetaMovements Salsa In the Park 10th Anniversary

A whole program of events has been planned by MetaMovements to kick off the 10th year Anniversary of Salsa In The Park, coming in June.

Among the variety of scheduled events this weekend, are; TIMBAerobics, Latin Logic with Timba Lines, MetaMovements Dance Party and Spontaneous Celebration After Dark to Wake Up The Earth, Salsa Sunday with DJ Rob Suave. Visit the Salsa In the Park website for more information.  

Video: MetaMovements – Salsa In The Park Boston Part II 2012

When: Saturday Afternoon and Evening, May 6th and Sunday Evening May 7th through rest of May and June.

Where: May 6th – Wake Up The Earth Festival Sun Stage and  Spontaneous Celebrations, Jamaica Plain. May 7th –  Ryles Jazz Club, Cambridge.

Get Tickets: Afternoon program is FREE. Evening program is a minimum $10 donation at the entrance.

Top Dance Event #4

Belly Dance Workshop with Jaclyn Barzvi at Acorn Yoga, Brighton

Belly dancing is a very healthy form of dance and fitness. As well as helping improve the overall physical endurance, belly dancing also improves digestion and flexibility.

If belly dancing is your style, or you’ve always wanted to learn to do belly tricks and hip swirls, then this is the highlight of your weekend.

The workshop will be taught by Bostons beautiful belly dancer and teacher Jaclyn Barzvi.

During the belly dancing workshop with Jaclyn Barzvi at the Acorn Yoga studio in Brighton, you’ll get to learn about the ancient cultures and traditions which were the source of this old art form. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to learn the belly dancing techniques and advanced moves if you’re feeling ambitious.

To really make it a full experience, you will be given a hip scarf for dancing and you’ll learn a full belly dance choreography.

Video: Belly Dance Madness – Jaclyn Barzvi – UMass Amherst

When: Sunday, May 7th, 2 – 4 PM

Where: Acorn Yoga, Brighton, MA

Get Tickets:

Top Dance Event #5

Generations in Dance and Song by West Medford Senior Club

Storytelling through dance and creative movement performed by the Back Pocket Dancers dance troupe from Cambridge. The dancers will be accompanied with jazz music, instruments and vocals.

The stories of resilience, freedom, and friendship are told out loud by the dancers themselves, who are at the same time an integral part of the story being told.

It’s interesting to mention that one of the dancers of the Back Pocket dance troupe is 94-year old Dorothy Elizabeth Tucker, who is also a resident of the West Medford Senior Center.

Video: Back Pocket Dancers

When: Saturday, May 6th at 3 PM and at 7:30 PM

Where: Medford Senior Center, 101 Riverside Ave. Medford, MA

Get Tickets:

Don’t forget that you can kick-off your weekend days at our mobile dance classes where I get down with you for some Party Dance 101 and Hip-Hop for beginners. Or Krump your Sunday away with Ashton aka Stackz…

beginners dance boton

Five Top Things To Do in Boston This Weekend – April 29-30

We’re rolling out a new series of posts on our blog, so keep a look-out for posts like these from now on. Every week we’ll be announcing the top 5 things to do in Boston, with our favorite dance and performance events taking place in the wider area.

So, let’s get down to it! Here are the top dance events happening in greater Boston, in no certain order. We love all of them, but you can choose your fave!

Top Dance Event #1  – Boston Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty returns to the Boston Ballet as of April 28th. This classic fairy tale has become a trademark of Boston Ballet. Due to such a high demand, the company decided to bring it back once again.

So if ballet is one of your top things to do or watch, this weekend head down to the Boston Opera. April 28th is opening night, following through May.

Spotlight video of Prince Desire and Princess Aurora

Click here to Visit the Boston Ballet website for tickets

Top Dance Event #2 – Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

This April, 2017, Bostons Boch Center Wang Theater welcomes amazing performances by the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

Performances will be showcased April 27th to April 30th. Expect performances such as “After the Rain Pas de Deux”, “Revelations”, “The Winter in Lisbon”, and “Untitled America”.

If you ask us, amazing art, creativity, and performance of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, just can’t be expressed with words.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater 2017 Program Trailer

Get your tickets here for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in Boston

Top Dance Event #3 – Stand in The Light Presented by Cambridge Youth Dance Program

This weekend, the Cambridge Youth Dance Program shares amazing true-life stories through dance and multimedia. A creative way to show the struggles and victories of the human spirit, something that will inspire the hardest of hearts.

We definitely recommend a visit to the  Boston University Dance Theater this Friday 28th or Saturday 29th.

Visit the CYPD website for more information and tickets.

Top Dance Event #4 – Mambo Mania with Eguie Castrillo

Mambo the night away 50’s style with Eguie Castrillo, world famous timbalero and his big band. Breathtaking beats and original flavor mambo will make this a night to remember.

If you like mambo, or just love this kinda groove in general, this will be a night to remember, so save your spot on time. Prepare for some extreme mambo fun on April 28th at the Villa Victoria Center for the Arts, Boston.

Have a look at Eguie Castrillo in Mambo Mania Carnegie Hall…

Mambo Mania Promo Vid

Click here to get tickets for Mambo Night with Eguie Castrillo

Top Dance Event #5 – On The Floor Presented by The Dance Cartel

If you’re looking for an ultimate dance and party combination, with dancing, performance, and DJ, then you’re in for a treat Thursday, April 27th and Friday, April 28th.  Let’s get the groove on at the Oberon in Cambridge!

DJs April 27: DJ Colby Drasher (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) April 28: FrenchY

Featuring guest artists Niki Luparelli (Strip Zeppelin, Oh You Pretty Things!) and Grooversity

On The Floor Remix

Get your tickets for On The Floor by TDC here

We know we said we’d give you the Top 5 dance events in Boston this weekend, but we just couldn’t leave this last one out. So here’s a bonus…

Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts

This is by far the best way to indulge in and celebrate the creative arts. 3 days packed with visual arts, music, and performance. This year’s theme is Sustainability. From architectural design to drum beats and dance performances, what an awesome way to spend the weekend. The best thing… entrance is FREE.

Visit the Brandeis University website here for a full schedule, locations and events information. 

What will you choose for your fave Top event in Boston this weekend?

We know we’ll be having fun this weekend, especially during our weekend dance classes such as Party Dance 101 and more…

We’d love to hear what event you chose, share your thoughts and experiences with us and the rest of the BMDS Creative Community via Facebook. We can’t make it to all of these events as much we’d want to, so let’s share the love…

Check out all of our beginner dance classes, it’s never too late to learn to dance…

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Ethno Haitian Dance Videos

As we approach an upcoming workshop at the Boston Mobile Dance Studio, 2Gether where Ethno Haitian Dance and Street Dance meet, we thought we’d share some amazing videos with you.

Jean Appolon is the leader of this movement in Boston and the creator of the Expressions Center which is the heart of Ethno Haitian dance in the Boston area and wider.

Jean will be teaching his Ethno Haitian dance wisdom alongside Carl Alleyne and fun Street Dance moves.

Some of you might remember a similar project, our Urban Roots Dance Workshop. We had so much fun. That’s the kind of energy that’s unforgettable.

Urban Roots Workshop

One thing we feel we need to point out is the amazing things that Jean Appolon is doing in his homeland, Haiti. Jean has founded the “Dance Haiti!” institute which provides a free educational program for young Haitians. The Summer Dance Institute lasts for 4 weeks and has a full day / every day intensive program. This is a great thing for young Haitians because many of them don’t have access to good education. This also very valuable for the country its self as Haitian dance is a national treasure to Haitians.

The Jean Appolon Summer Dance Institute July 2012, Port-au-Prince, Haiti


2016 Jean Appolon Summer Dance Institute Ethno Haitian

Another interesting fact about Ethno Haitian dance is that it is danced to live drumming. The 2Gether workshop will also be accompanied to live music and drumming. The Haitian and Afro drumming styles are the most physically, intellectually and spiritually demanding and fulfilling instrumental activity. Drummers connect with the dancers and the fun spirit of the class. How’s that for totally engaging your mind, body, and soul!

Top 5 Dance Quotes which Will Make You Want to Dance

Everyone needs a little inspiration and motivation during the day, especially in times of challenge and hardship. Dancing is proven to be the best activity to raise happiness vibrations in the human brain. So, here are 10 awesome quotes to remind you to dance whenever and wherever you can.

Because no matter what you’re going through, a little dancing will help you as a power injection of motivation to stay strong and keep moving positively and creatively through the day.

Additionally, dancing will help you reduce stress and cool off when the pressure starts to seem too much to handle.

Dance Quote #1

“Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.” ― Jalaluddin Rumi dance quote Rumi

Dance Quote #2

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here, we should dance!

dance quote life

Dance Quote #3

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.” ― Friedrich Nietzschedance quote Nietzsche

Dance Quote #4

Dancing faces you towards Heaven, whichever direction you turn. – Terri Guillemets

dance quote Terri Guillemets

Dance Quote #5

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

dance quote life

We hope you’ve enjoyed these inspirational dance quotes, feel free to share them with your friends!

Got any dance quotes you love?? We’d love to hear them!

What Makes Hip-Hop Dance Great for Youth?

Hip-Hop Dance for youth is proven to be the most effective when it comes to physical activity and exercise. Recent studies have shown that youth hip-hop dance classes take first place in moderate to physical activity within a one-hour dance class. This is the recommended amount of physical activity for children during the day.

The US has a general problem of obesity among adults and youth alike, due to lack of healthy physical activity and unhealthy eating habits.

Check out my newest Hip-Hop Dance for Youth classes at BMDS…hip-hop dance for youth with Carl Alleyne

Hip-Hop dance dates back to the 1960’s, it originated on the streets of the US among young people looking for self-expression through art and movement. It is a form of Street Dance, but these days, hip-hop is not just a type of dance but a culture of its own.

Here we’re not going to go into detail about the history, the different moves and the culture of hip-hop, as that would be off topic. But we’re going to take a look at the beneficial elements which make hip-hop dance a good choice of dance style for youth.

Get your kids some extra physical activity with hip-hop dance

Vigorous Movements in Hip-Hop Dance for Youth

Most movements during a youth hip-hop dance class are energetic, that provides the intense interval of activity which directs a child’s energy in a constructive manner and provides for a healthy physical activity.

hip hop dance
Image courtesy of Flickr

Hip-Hop Teaches Rhythm

Hip-hop music is made up of rhythms and beats which dominate the soundtracks. This makes the hip-hop dance for youth classes rhythm-centric, allowing the students to learn to listen and follow the rhythm while moving and dancing.

kids dancing hip hop
Kids and hip hop dance, Image courtesy of Flickr

Artistic Expression in Hip-Hop Dance

As I mentioned before, hip-hop is a culture of its own. This is because it transcends music, dance, style, and art. Students who take part in the hip-hop dance for youth classes learn to express through these moves and through the music finding their own way of artistic expression.

Hip Hop Culture and Art
Hip Hop Culture and Art, Image courtesy of Flickr

Hip-Hop Dance for Youth Encourages Confidence

As the youth hip-hop dance classes are taken in groups, children are taught to work in unity. By working and following a rhythm together they learn to connect with others and to find their own place within the group, this is crucial for the self-confidence of a child.

Youth Hip Hop Dance Group
Hip Hop Dance Group, Image courtesy of Flickr

Personal Style in Hip-Hop Dance for Youth

The core of the establishment of hip-hop so many years back is the fact that it gave young people a sense of identity. Nowadays, young people continue to find their place within that culture through music and dance which gives them the opportunity to develop and create their own style of moves in hip-hop dance.

Youth Hip Hop Worldwide
Youth Hip Hop Worldwide, Image courtesy of Flickr

Any thoughts on Hip-Hop Dance for youth? Share them with us!

dance for youth

Creative Movement is essential at all Child Development Stages

Creative movement and dance are interchangeable terms and both refer to the same practice of using movement, music, time, and space in a creative manner. At Boston Mobile Dance Studio, we often talk about moving creatively and how dance is beneficial for everyone and anyone. It is especially children that benefit from the practice, as movement is the root form of self-expression and children are born with it. Which is what makes creative movement so important in all phases of child development.

Research and science have shown us how creative movement is beneficial in all areas of development. We now know for sure that dance helps youth learn and develop a number of skills which are crucial for healthy child development.

Besides the experience I have in the field of teaching creative movement to children, I thought I’d dig a bit further to explain how beneficial and even inevitable creative movement is for youth.

Creative Movement Youth Roslindale

Along with dance, comes music.

The human brain is wired to respond to sound and music in a number of ways. In fact, science shows that music ticks off more parts of the brain than any other function or activity. Depending on the tones, vibrations, and frequencies, music can induce positive and negative emotions. So music also plays a very important role in child development.

Dance has been misunderstood for centuries, and often looked at as a “just for fun” activity with no real educational purpose. I feel it is necessary to explain that it’s on the contrary, in the most simple yet detailed way. Hopefully, parents will then understand that dance for youth is not just about “having fun” (although the fun part is the best), but it is crucial in all development stages.

“…creative movement is important for a child’s social, emotional, physical, motor, and intellectual development…”

I’m going to take you through the ages and stages of child development, and show you where creative movement and dance comes in and which role it plays.

Infants 0 – 2

During infancy, a baby understands the world through sense and action. A baby starts to develop basic skills such as moving their body parts, responding to emotional or physical stimulation, and discovering the space around them. Curiosity and the need for affection are at their peak here. Infants often imitate what they see, this is their way of discovering the world and learning.

Discovering the world

At this stage, creative movement comes in as a way of exploring sounds, movements, and emotions. Example: How does a cow moo? How does a bunny jump? Happy face/sad face etc. When it comes to music, infants enjoy smoother and higher tones.

Toddlers 2 – 5

Toddlers have already taken their first steps and have started to independently explore the world. At this stage, toddlers discover freedom and independence. Here, we may see negative emotions starting to occur; resistant and negative reactions, and tantrums. They start to understand the world through mental images and language. They learn to speak and their intellect comes into play.

How it all works…

During this stage, creative movement comes in as a way of:

Tweens 6 – 12

At this age, parents already know their child’s individuality. This is why parents should focus more on empowering and encouraging their children’s innate originality, rather than trying to make them go in the direction they believe is best for them.

During this period, parents often start to question their prior parenting tactics as children start to show different and opposing opinions due to their expanded surroundings and relationships. Different situations within their relationships with others may affect children in ways parents didn’t realize before. A child’s reaction, such as stress, anger, rebellion, or reduced self-esteem, will depend not only on their own personality but also on a parent’s parenting style.

As parents, it is our duty to teach our children about the different results and consequences of individual choices. Children need to be supported in being themselves rather than directed in being perfect and without failure. I’m a firm believer that we can teach this to kids from the youngest ages. Rather than threatening or punishing, I prefer to explain that they always have a choice, but depending on the choice, certain consequences will occur.

I can… I can’t

But let’s consider where creative movement and dance comes in at this stage.

At this point, children will start to display different reactions or personality traits that were not so obvious before. For example, an introvert child will show more difficulty with blending in or lower self-confidence. Dance comes in as a great way to help these kids overcome obstacles that this may be causing. Respectively, children who take regular dance classes demonstrate higher self-confidence and self-esteem.

Obesity problems also may manifest, and dance, especially hip-hop dance for youth are a great way to overcome this. Hip-hop dance is great for kids because it consists of vigorous and energetic movements which are the equal to the advised amount of daily physical activity for children.

As this is a time of primary schooling, some children may demonstrate lower focus and concentration levels. Dance is a great way to help children learn to be more concentrated because during a dance class they will learn dance steps and choreography followed by rhythm and music, which is a great way to help them learn to stay focused.

Teens 12 – 18

Adolescence is by far the most challenging stage for youth and parents alike. It is usually followed by moodiness, passive-aggressive behavior, changes in self-confidence, and self-consciousness. Teens often experience pressure caused by school, peers and the huge desire of independence. These things can cause them to experience stress and mood changes.

During this time, teens discover and hone their talents and skills. So proper support and encouragement are crucial at this point.

Discovering me!

Research shows that positive encouragement through adequate extracurricular activities is one of the best ways to ease this challenging period. This is where creative movement comes in. Dance is often an activity taken by adults for de-stressing and socializing. Dance provides emotional and stress release, this is crucial for youth during this period.Hip-Hop Dance Teens

During dance classes and dance events, adolescents expand their social circles. A dance class is a great environment for helping youth overcome their fears, find new friendships, find their own authenticity and talents.

dance for youth

The Top 5 Super Foods for Fitness Models

Fitness models are known for eating healthy foods and balanced meals. If you’re just starting out on a journey as a Fitness Model before you begin, here’s a spoiler alert: It’s not always about counting calories!

Although you might be tempted to start planning your diet by looking at the calories every food contains (especially if you want to go on transformation), take some advice from Andrea Albright “Count Chemicals, Not Calories!™”.

Eating clean means eating healthy and fresh foods. So processed, manufactured foods are out of the question. Fruits and veggies are crucial, as are the right combinations of healthy proteins through meats such as chicken, turkey, and fish. Fibers are also highly advised, from foods such as oatmeal and quinoa. But we’ll talk some more about that later on. All in all, the key is in the right balance of Protein, Carbs, Fat and Fibre.

Thinking of starting your Fitness Model Career? Get posing coaching from Carl Alleyne at Boston Mobile Dance Studio

It’s also really important to mention that the choice of foods in your fitness diet also largely depends on your metabolism type, as well as your nutrition goals. Keep in mind that as an aspiring fitness model you’re eating schedule should be well planned, 5 – 6 meals per day are the best option. And above all, make sure you’re drinking LOTS OF WATER throughout the day so your body stays hydrated and fresh.

To help you get started with planning your fitness diet, here’s a list of the top 5 foods that should be included in every fitness models diet plan.



Eggs are the most popular food among fitness models and bodybuilders alike. This is because they are pure healthy proteins and the best food for building muscle. Eggs provide the feeling of fullness and they are also rich in calcium. They’re usually advised as a post-training food, after a good workout.

Bear in mind that egg yolk is high in cholesterol. So, if cholesterol levels in your blood are often at a higher value you might want to avoid it and eat just the egg white.

You might want to check out this comprehensive guide on Eggs as the best source of protein by Health Ambition for some more interesting information.

Chicken Breast

Chicken Breast

Chicken breast (boneless and skinless) is by far the most protein healthy food every diet should include. There’s so much you can do with it. You can choose from a huge variety of healthy chicken recipes, and invent your own if you wish. Chicken breast is also very rich in minerals such as Potassium and Phosphorus, which are key for hydration and endurance.

Although Turkey has a higher value of amino acids (healthy proteins), chicken breast is much easier to acquire in stores all-year-round. The price is usually slightly lower than the price of turkey.



Blueberries fall into the category of the world’s healthiest fruits because they contain the highest amounts of antioxidant compounds than any other commonly consumed fruit. Along with antioxidants, Blueberries contain high amounts of Fibres, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and Manganese. So clearly, blueberries are a necessity if you want to eat clean.

One of the best things about Blueberries is that they are full of Nutrients, yet low on Calories! They also have a number of health effects such as; anti-aging effects, protection from various diseases as are cancer and heart disease, they’re good for the brain and memory, for helping against urinary infections. Last but not least, blueberries protect you against muscle damage.



Quinoa is the most fiber and protein-rich superfood you can get your hands on. As we mentioned before healthy proteins and fibers are essential for any athlete, especially for Fitness Models. It’s also rich in Magnesium and Vitamin B especially B2, which are craved by your body if you’re exercising on a regular and intense basis.

Due to its diverse health benefits, quinoa was considered a sacred food during the Inca Empire. It is a natural gluten-free edible seed, which makes it great for you if you have gluten intolerance. Above all, quinoa can be incorporated into a bunch of different recipes; salads, stews, soups, and desserts.

Keep in mind, that before any preparation of quinoa, you must wash it thoroughly. Quinoa has a bitter coating which acts as a natural insecticide.



Last but not least, my favorite superfood of all, his majesty THE AVOCADO. Avocado is a tree plant native to Central Mexico. There are different types of avocado, green to almost black, and pear-shaped or round. But all in all, all avocados contain the same nutrients and health benefits.

Avocados are extremely rich in potassium. Along with that, they have lots of vitamin K, vitamin C, folate, vitamins B5 and B6  and vitamin E.  Avocados have little to none cholesterol, but they are the most calorie rich fruit out there. These calories don’t come from any types of fats. The fat avocado contains are monounsaturated fats, mostly coming from oleic acid. The same types of fats in olive oil which have a variety of health benefits.

It’s important to mention that most of the nutrients of an avocado are found on the outer part of the avocado flesh. So peel it with care!

Recipes? Well, being such a popular superfood among healthy eaters, there is so much you can do with an avocado (Guacamole, yummy). But, if you decide to cook it in a stew or similar, remember that avocado is rich in its own fats. Adding oils to it will make the taste of the meal bitter, so olive oil and all other oils are out of the question!

Got any favorite super foods you’d like to tell us about? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Fitness Models Posing Coaching Classes

INFOGRAPHIC: Fitness Models VS Bodybuilders

As a follow-up to our blog post The Difference Between Fitness Models and Bodybuilders series, here’s an INFOGRAPHIC which explains the differences between these two disciplines.

If you haven’t read the more in-depth article, be sure to check it out on our blog!

Fitness Models VS Bodybuilders

Are you a Fitness Model or a Bodybuilder or are you planning on becoming one?

Fitness Models Posing Coaching Classes

What are the Differences Between Fitness Models and Bodybuilders?

To someone who is not rooted deep in the fitness industry, Bodybuilding and Fitness Modeling may seem as the same thing. But there are actually 5 important differences between the two.

Bodybuilders and Fitness Models compete at the same competitions only in different disciplines and categories. For more detailed information about the competition categories, you can check out the pages on the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness website and on the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Inc website.

If you’d like someone to help you with your posing routine for the next Bodybuilder or Fitness Model competition, check out our Posing Coaching services.

Here’s a brief of each one of the differences. If you’re on a fitness journey yourself, I hope it’ll help you decide which direction you would like to take, that of a Fitness Model or a Bodybuilder.

1. Muscle Mass

Bodybuilding is focused on building muscle. It is common for bodybuilders to do weight lifting reps until reaching “muscle failure” (when they physically can’t proceed with another rep). During the muscle recovery, muscles rebuild and get stronger.

Bodybuilders main goal is to sculpt large muscles which pop, whereas Fitness Models don’t focus on building muscle, but more so on sculpting an overall fit looking body. This doesn’t mean Fitness Models don’t have muscles, it’s just that their focus isn’t mainly on the popping muscle mass.

2. Calorie Intake

Fitness Models are focused on reducing fat, so their diet often requires that they consume the least amount of calories. But this also often depends on the individual body form and metabolism type.

Bodybuilders in the other hand, often consume a larger number of calories in order to convert fat into muscle.

It is only during competition season that Bodybuilders will work to reduce their overall body fat percentage to look lean for the competition. Whereas Fitness Models have to look lean throughout the year.

3. Proteins

Proteins boost muscle mass development. Bodybuilders consume a high level of proteins through protein rich foods and protein shakes. Whereas Fitness Models consume proteins depending on their body and metabolism type.

4. Workout Sessions

Bodybuilders training sessions are mostly focused on weight lifting, often don’t include any cardio training, and are usually longer than Fitness Models training sessions.

Fitness Models on the other hand often do a lot of cardio and some weight lifting. A Fitness Models workout session is more intense but shorter than a Bodybuilders workout session.

Fitness Models train to create toned muscles through the whole body, whereas Bodybuilders train to build muscle.

5. Supplements

Although there is no written rule, in general, Bodybuilders consume a lot more supplements than Fitness Models in order to maximize their muscle-building capabilities.

For Fitness Models, healthy eating habits are crucial. They focus on more natural alternatives and supplements that provide overall good health and body strength.

Did you find this helpful? Share your thoughts and share with your friends, I’d love to hear your feedback!

In the meantime, check out this awesome Infographic by one of my amazing team members Fitness Models VS Bodybuilders.

Fitness Models Posing Coaching Classes

Fitness Models Quiz: Which Weakness is Your Greatest Strength

Take the Fitness Models Quiz to find out your greatest weakness  and turn it into your greatest strength.
Check it out and share it with your friends. We’d love to hear your comments and thoughts!
Fitness Models Posing Coaching Classes