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March 31, 2016

Do you know that entertainment is 80% of the success of your wedding party!? And who has the most responsibility in making that entertainment successful? Well, obviously it’s the DJ for your party.

Many people think that entertainment is easy if you’ve carefully planned the bits and bobs of the party carefully. But keep in mind, whatever the cause: be that a wedding, a birthday a corporate party or whatever else, finding the right DJ for your party is the most important part of the entertainment.

At Boston Mobile Dance Studios, we’ve worked with all kinds of people. We’ve entertained at numerous different types of parties, for everyday people and even for many famous names too. So based on our experience, we want to give you a guide with tips, about all of the things you should consider when hiring a DJ for your party.

Simple visual representation of things to consider when hiring a dj for your party:

hiring a dj for your party

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1. Hiring a dj for your party: an amateur vs a pro

Hire a professional DJ rather than an amateur DJ for your party. The professional DJ will know what you need for your event. They know what will work and what won’t. Every party or wedding reception is different. They need to be comfortable with helping to facilitate the flow. In terms of weddings, the flow means; the first dance, the toasts, the parent dancers, seating the guests down so they can enjoy their meal. These things are very important.

2. Ask yourself, what do you expect from a DJ?

It’s important to know what you expect from a DJ. Number 1 is the obvious one, you want the DJ to play the music that will engage the crowd. You’ll want to have a conversation with your DJ about your expectations, the music you want and maybe the special requests you may have. It’s important you communicate your expectations with your DJ.

3. Does the DJ you’re considering have experience in doing the event you’re planning?

It’s important to find out if they have experience and what their prior experiences were like. You’re going to want to find that out from them.

4. Check out their website, social media profile, and reviews

Does the DJ have a Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram. Are there any reviews online, via Google or Yelp?

5. Does the DJ have some demos or examples to show you?

Ask them to provide some examples of their work. It’s useful to know beforehand what their mixes are like. Although it’s not always possible, a video of an event is even better.

6. Planning a list of tunes and song requests

Although we’ve already mentioned this, it’s important to elaborate on this. Do they have any song lists or do you want to have a ready song list.

7. What additional stuff do they do to get the party moving? MC’ing, dancing…

Find out if they have any additional ways by which they motivate a crowd. These things can make a huge difference at your party or wedding reception. You can check out one of Boston Mobile Dance Studio’s DJ’s, DJ Fadayz. He’s a great crowd motivator because he really pays attention to reading the crowd. You can listen to our Creative Living podcast on soundcloud with DJ Fadayz or read our article on “A day in the life of a DJ”.

8. What sound equipment or visuals do they have?

Talk to the DJ about the equipment that they have. This way you’ll know if there is any additional equipment you’ll want to arrange. You might want to have visuals or extra speakers. Whatever the case, you need to know what your DJ can provide in terms of equipment.

9. Always make sure you meet with your DJ at least once before the party

You need to make sure your personalities gel, rather than clash. The DJ is the major part of your party and you need to be at the same vibe and frequency.

10. The price; do they have a flat rate, or a base price and additional costs for other requirements.

Keep in mind, you do get what you paid for!

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