Hello creative community!

Thank you for taking the time out to check out our campaign. I am super excited about this journey! For of all of those who don’t know yet about my story, I’ve been involved in the entertainment business for almost 30 years. I act, sing, model, dance, choreograph and instruct. I’ve performed with or been a movement coach for amazing artists such as Sir Elton John, Neill Young, Brooke Shields and Brendan Fraser, to name a few.

The Moment when I caught the “Dream”!

In 2009, I caught a dream to work with everyday people with movement coaching and instructing. I was on a movie set north of Massachusetts working with Actors Brendan Fraser, Brooke Shields as well as other amazing actors for the movie “Furry Vengeance”.

My job was to place movement on these actors to help present them successful on camera. We all had a great time! Although at times it was pretty nerve racking. We were only given a certain amount of time to get concepts of what the director wanted, have movement placed to the ideas, and have the actors learn the movement. Some of the actors didn’t have strong or any background in dance, but they were up for the challenge. Needles to say, we got the job done and it was a success for the camera.

Realizing Dance can be a great “Cross Training for Life”!

It was from that point on, I knew it was my intense passion to help everyday people to dance and move, as I also saw that dance was, as one of the students would say “a great cross training for life”. I really wanted to hone my skill to coach them in ways that could be effective in helping them to be successful. I wanted to get a team of coaches who could do the same.

Boston Mobile Dance Studio is a “Calling”, born!

In 2012, Boston Mobile Dance Studio (BMDS) was born. I was and am still convinced that helping people to move creatively is my calling. Fast forwarding to now, I along with other amazing coaches are still on that journey, along with dance crews like the BeanTown Lockers and Vibe Style.

Help us… to help “Everyday People”, and eventually the World!

We need your help to make this journey soar in ways that can uplift Massachusetts and in turn, the world. We would like to bring this “move creatively” philosophy to major towns and cities in the state of Massachusetts in 2017 into 2018.

We want to provide different types of social dance and different programs and productions such as the BMDS Performance Program, the production of Vaudeville Funk, and other new programs.

We are a for profit organization. We did not choose the non-profit direction as many studios do. One of the biggest reasons for that is that I am still a recording/performing artist in my prime. And with owning a business, that makes me a traveling entrepreneur. And I had to choose what would be the most effective way in overseeing BMDS and making it successful and at the same time not burning myself out and losing my flavor as an artist!

Carl Alleyne Founder – VP President
(Boston Mobile Dance Studio Boston, Massachusetts)

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Any amount helps, $10.00, $100.00 or more. Your contribution will help change the world one heart and beat at a time!

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Thank you, and don’t forget to move creatively!