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April 26, 2017

Ethno Haitian

As we approach an upcoming workshop at the Boston Mobile Dance Studio, 2Gether where Ethno Haitian Dance and Street Dance meet, we thought we’d share some amazing videos with you.

Jean Appolon is the leader of this movement in Boston and the creator of the Expressions Center which is the heart of Ethno Haitian dance in the Boston area and wider.

Jean will be teaching his Ethno Haitian dance wisdom alongside Carl Alleyne and fun Street Dance moves.

Some of you might remember a similar project, our Urban Roots Dance Workshop. We had so much fun. That’s the kind of energy that’s unforgettable.

Urban Roots Workshop

One thing we feel we need to point out is the amazing things that Jean Appolon is doing in his homeland, Haiti. Jean has founded the “Dance Haiti!” institute which provides a free educational program for young Haitians. The Summer Dance Institute lasts for 4 weeks and has a full day / every day intensive program. This is a great thing for young Haitians because many of them don’t have access to good education. This also very valuable for the country its self as Haitian dance is a national treasure to Haitians.

The Jean Appolon Summer Dance Institute July 2012, Port-au-Prince, Haiti


2016 Jean Appolon Summer Dance Institute Ethno Haitian

Another interesting fact about Ethno Haitian dance is that it is danced to live drumming. The 2Gether workshop will also be accompanied to live music and drumming. The Haitian and Afro drumming styles are the most physically, intellectually and spiritually demanding and fulfilling instrumental activity. Drummers connect with the dancers and the fun spirit of the class. How’s that for totally engaging your mind, body, and soul!

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