The 2Gether Dance Workshop – Where Ethno-Haitian and Street Dance Meet!

Boston, MA, March 2017 – BMDS Movement Coach Carl Alleyne and Jean Appolon from JAE have joined forces to bring to Boston an interesting blend of creative movement, combining Ethno-Haitian, Street Dance and live drum music. It is a dance workshop for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy the – 2Gether Dance Workshop.

“Jean and I have been planning the 2Gether project for some time now. The BMDS creative community enjoyed a similar project a while back, the Urban Roots workshop, and we’ve been asked a dozen times to do it again. This time we decided to make it better. More creative, more expressive, more movement, and more beats. Beats are the roots of dance and movement. The drum is the first instrument. It’s time for getting back to the roots of all dance!”

Carl Alleyne

Jean Appolon is a renowned dancer, choreographer, and teacher of the “Ethno-Haitian Movement”.  His talent has contributed greatly to bring about psychosocial and spiritual relief, change and improvement for challenged and turmoil-stricken communities and societies in the US and for nations such as Haiti.

Ethno-Haitian dance is a national treasure to all Haitians. It’s a highly expressive and spiritual dance form. Which is what makes this project so special. With the 2Gether dance workshop, BMDS wants to show how the Haitian culture and dance play an important role in arts and spirituality.

Dance and creative movement are the highest forms of self-expression. Ethno-Haitian dance combined with Street Dance will show just that; the expression of inner self and one’s spirituality through the modern world perspective.

The 2Gether Dance Workshop will take place on April 30th, 2017, at the Dance Complex in Cambridge, MA from 1 to 3 PM. Tickets can be acquired via the Boston Mobile Dance Studio Website.

Boston Mobile Dance Studio is a premier mobile dance studio in Greater Boston. Dance classes are currently hosted in Boston, Cambridge, Arlington, Woburn and Roslindale. They’re aimed to connect to and engage everyday people, social dancers, non-dancers and dancers alike, former dancers, youth, teenagers, and senior citizens too. The Founder and co-president, of Boston Mobile Dance Studio, has a vision of a studio which helps people find their inner rhythm by moving creatively. BMDS helps people by empowering and encouraging individuals to be free to dance socially.

“All other studios make pro dancers. We don’t. Our vision is to help everyday people through social dancing. To Move Creatively, connect through dance, and lead satisfying and fulfilled lives.”

Carl Alleyne

“The most beautiful thing about dance is the impact. It gives you self-confidence, helps you connect with others easier and teaches a work ethic of never giving up on yourself”

Chanel “Miss 5678”

If you would like more information about Boston Mobile Dance Studio, contact BMDS via email at or phone (888) 453 4969 or visit the website at