Boston Mobile Dance Studio comes out into the burbs!

Concord, we are conquering you!


Concord, MA, July 2017 – True to its mission and vision,  Boston Mobile Dance Studio (BMDS), Greater Boston’s premier mobile dance studio,  is now reaching out to other cities and towns in Massachusetts.  This summer, BMDS goes to Concord, Massachusetts to share the “move creatively” philosophy of positive vibrations and smiles!

“We have a vision of a world where people are not afraid to dance! We see a world where people are free to be who they are,  thriving to reach their highest creative potential. This is why BMDS exists, to help individuals live and work creatively through movement!

We’re obsessed with the idea of empowering individuals to break free and to learn to feel comfortable in their own skin. This is the reason why we want to spread the love for dance, creative movement, and music. “

– Carl Alleyne, BMDS  Founder-Owner, Vice President and Movement Coach


Two dance classes were launched in Concord, MA last June 2017. Each is held for one hour every Monday night at the Umbrella Community Center for the Arts. The first class is the “Hip-Hop for Families” which is a hip-hop choreography class  at  6:00 PM. Parents and their children with ages at least 5 years old and teens can join and have a weekly fun and bonding with each other through dance. It’s also a venue to meet new friends and dancing buddies.


Then followed by Party Dance 101” at 7:00 PM which is a non-choreography class for teens and adults. They can be beginners or non-beginners who want to hone their social dancing skills or just learn the latest dance moves in town. Both classes will be instructed by Carl Alleyne, whose primary objective is to make sure that everyone has fun,  is feeling comfortable and part of the (creative) family!

So why Concord?  Well, primarily because Concord is rich in cultural heritage but is also big in the arts. It is known as the American Athens and was also dubbed as the “biggest little place in America”. Some of the greatest minds in America have lived, talked and wrote in this town such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau and the like.  Today, Concord continues to foster their visual and performing arts including dance and movement.

With this in mind, BMDS founding Vice-President-Owner and movement coach Carl Alleyne, decided to bring to Concord these two (2) types of dance classes wherein dancers and non-dancers can both learn and enjoy. It’s something that can complement existing local dance and creative movement resources already established in Concord.

BMDS welcomes everyday people of any background, from kids, teens to adults and even seniors who are just beginning to explore dance and creative movement. They can learn basic movements and choreography which can be useful in events, parties and gatherings where there is social dancing.

Dance is a vehicle for spreading love and inspiration, it empowers and encourages people to feel free and to learn to be free. Our mission in BMDS is to inspire the whole world and not just the Boston area, to dance. After all, life is a dance and it should be enjoyed.  – Carl Alleyne
BMDS Classes and Services

Some of the services that BMDS provides include: dance for youth, dance for beginners, wedding dance preparation, wedding dance choreography, dance for corporate events and all types of parties, office dance and flash mob, choreography and coaching. It also has regular dance classes in Boston and Cambridge areas such as Party Dance 101, Hip Hop and Dancehall. Special workshops and events are also conducted such as Lock ShopKrumpUrban Roots, the 2Gether workshop, Performance Program-Showcase and Vaudeville Funk.  Additionally, BMDS provides DJ services to the Boston and Cambridge area with Boston’s leading DJ’s. It founded also The BeanTown Lockers Dance Company and co-founded the Dancehall dance crew Vibe Style in collaboration with Chanel Thompson aka Miss 5678.

Remember, anyone, including Concordians, can dance! No need to worry, BMDS is here to help everyone conquer their fears and connect with their creative side. Let Boston Mobile Dance Studio show the path to empowerment and a happier life. Move Creatively!


For more information about Boston Mobile Dance Studio, contact BMDS via email at or phone (888) 453 4969 or visit the website at