They had the courage to overcome their fears and limits, now they want to show it off on stage!

Boston, MA, March 2017 – When the founders and Movement Coaches of Boston Mobile Dance Studio came up with the idea of starting the Performance Program, they knew that starting something so unconventional for everyday folks, non-dancers, and dancers, would be a risky and challenging adventure. But, convinced in their idea of giving people the chance to experience something they’ve thought about their entire lives, motivated them to push through the moments of challenges and to strive to win.

“When we created the BMDS Performance Program, we believed the program would attract a lot of people who have always wanted to experience stage performance. It in fact did. But what we found came as a surprise to us; people felt intimidated by the word “Performance”. Carl Alleyne, BMDS Movement Coach, and Co-president

The team behind Boston Mobile Dance Studio pushed forward catching the momentum. Through it, they spread the word to the public of Greater Boston and surrounding areas, so applications began to roll in.

“We weren’t sure what the outcome would be with our idea for the Performance Program, all we had was our desire and motivation to do something great for the public. Give people the chance to experience the life of a performer through social dancing; something many people have dreamed of and considered at least once in their lifetime…” Carl Alleyne, BMDS Movement Coach, and Co-president

As mentioned before in the press release for the Performance Program; the Movement Coaches of BMDS had set out to motivate, inspire and encourage the participants to overcome their fears and obstacles. It’s been a great journey so far, and the showcase will reflect the effort and determination of the students and the coaches during this amazing adventure.

“Come and join us for our performance and showcase where everyday people, non-dancers, and dancers, will share with you the joy of dancing and taking the leap to breaking through their own limits and fulfilling a lifelong wish!” Carl Alleyne

The Showcase, with special guests Dancehall group VibeStyle and The BeanTown Lockers, will take place on Saturday, April 22nd at the Arlington Center for the Arts. It will be followed by a party too. Boston Mobile Dance Studio, Movement Coaches; Carl Alleyne, Melisa Valdez, Chanel Miss 5678 and Cedric Crowe, welcome everyone to come and experience the joy and the fun of social dancing. To Get Inspired and to Move Creatively!

Boston Mobile Dance Studio BMDS is a premier mobile dance studio in Greater Boston. Dance classes are currently hosted in Boston, Cambridge, Arlington, Woburn and Roslindale. They’re aimed at everyday people, social dancers, non-dancers and dancers alike, former dancers, youth, teenagers, and senior citizens too. Founder and co-president of Boston Mobile Dance Studio has a vision of a studio which helps people find their inner rhythm by moving creatively. BMDS helps people by empowering and encouraging individuals to be free to dance socially.

“All other studios make pro dancers. We don’t. Our vision is to help everyday people through social dancing. To Move Creatively, connect through dance, and lead satisfying and fulfilled lives.” Carl Alleyne

“The most beautiful thing about dance is the impact. It gives you self-confidence, helps you connect with others easier and teaches a work ethic of never giving up on yourself” Chanel “Miss 5678”

If you would like more information about Boston Mobile Dance Studio, contact BMDS via email at or phone (888) 453 4969 or visit the website at