Make your wedding day memorable with fun and dance

Learn to dance for your wedding

Don’t let your wedding be remembered by that deadlock moment where you had to dance and you felt like a real donkey!

Learn to relax, enjoy and have fun for your wedding dance.

Prepare yourself and your partner for your first dance. But not with fancy, complex professional dance moves. Just learn the basic dance steps and some cool moves, and have fun!

Wedding Showers

Prepare for your wedding showers, feel comfortable and let yourself go.

Bachelorette Parties

Have fun with your girlfriends while you learn some new moves.

Wedding Dance Choreography

Experience dance with your partner in a new, profound way.

How it works

You get in touch with us (at least a month or so) before the wedding. We then arrange for the classes, where we will have them and at what time intervals. You can choose your own music or you can let us suggest the music we think may be good for you.

How much does it cost?

$180 starting price per hour

*additional fees may occur depending on location