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Five Top Things To Do in Boston This Weekend – April 29-30

We’re rolling out a new series of posts on our blog, so keep a look-out for posts like these from now on. Every week we’ll be announcing the top 5 things to do in Boston, with our favorite dance and performance events taking place in the wider area.

So, let’s get down to it! Here are the top dance events happening in greater Boston, in no certain order. We love all of them, but you can choose your fave!

Top Dance Event #1  – Boston Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty returns to the Boston Ballet as of April 28th. This classic fairy tale has become a trademark of Boston Ballet. Due to such a high demand, the company decided to bring it back once again.

So if ballet is one of your top things to do or watch, this weekend head down to the Boston Opera. April 28th is opening night, following through May.

Spotlight video of Prince Desire and Princess Aurora

Click here to Visit the Boston Ballet website for tickets

Top Dance Event #2 – Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

This April, 2017, Bostons Boch Center Wang Theater welcomes amazing performances by the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

Performances will be showcased April 27th to April 30th. Expect performances such as “After the Rain Pas de Deux”, “Revelations”, “The Winter in Lisbon”, and “Untitled America”.

If you ask us, amazing art, creativity, and performance of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, just can’t be expressed with words.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater 2017 Program Trailer

Get your tickets here for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in Boston

Top Dance Event #3 – Stand in The Light Presented by Cambridge Youth Dance Program

This weekend, the Cambridge Youth Dance Program shares amazing true-life stories through dance and multimedia. A creative way to show the struggles and victories of the human spirit, something that will inspire the hardest of hearts.

We definitely recommend a visit to the  Boston University Dance Theater this Friday 28th or Saturday 29th.

Visit the CYPD website for more information and tickets.

Top Dance Event #4 – Mambo Mania with Eguie Castrillo

Mambo the night away 50’s style with Eguie Castrillo, world famous timbalero and his big band. Breathtaking beats and original flavor mambo will make this a night to remember.

If you like mambo, or just love this kinda groove in general, this will be a night to remember, so save your spot on time. Prepare for some extreme mambo fun on April 28th at the Villa Victoria Center for the Arts, Boston.

Have a look at Eguie Castrillo in Mambo Mania Carnegie Hall…

Mambo Mania Promo Vid

Click here to get tickets for Mambo Night with Eguie Castrillo

Top Dance Event #5 – On The Floor Presented by The Dance Cartel

If you’re looking for an ultimate dance and party combination, with dancing, performance, and DJ, then you’re in for a treat Thursday, April 27th and Friday, April 28th.  Let’s get the groove on at the Oberon in Cambridge!

DJs April 27: DJ Colby Drasher (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) April 28: FrenchY

Featuring guest artists Niki Luparelli (Strip Zeppelin, Oh You Pretty Things!) and Grooversity

On The Floor Remix

Get your tickets for On The Floor by TDC here

We know we said we’d give you the Top 5 dance events in Boston this weekend, but we just couldn’t leave this last one out. So here’s a bonus…

Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts

This is by far the best way to indulge in and celebrate the creative arts. 3 days packed with visual arts, music, and performance. This year’s theme is Sustainability. From architectural design to drum beats and dance performances, what an awesome way to spend the weekend. The best thing… entrance is FREE.

Visit the Brandeis University website here for a full schedule, locations and events information. 

What will you choose for your fave Top event in Boston this weekend?

We know we’ll be having fun this weekend, especially during our weekend dance classes such as Party Dance 101 and more…

We’d love to hear what event you chose, share your thoughts and experiences with us and the rest of the BMDS Creative Community via Facebook. We can’t make it to all of these events as much we’d want to, so let’s share the love…

Check out all of our beginner dance classes, it’s never too late to learn to dance…

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How to Strut Your Stuff in High Heels and Stay Kind to Your Feet

A woman naturally feels more sexy, seductive and self-confident when she’s able to move confidently in high heels. These ladies’ best friends are great confidence boosters.

Give a women the right pair of shoes... MM

But, not knowing how to walk in high heels properly will make you look like a donkey trying to be a gazelle (whatever that looks like).

donkey in high heels

Nevertheless, a lady who hasn’t tuned up her walk in stilettos will look anything but gracious. Not to mention the pain and issues these girls can cause you if you don’t learn to use with care, and to pamper your tootsies after an extended period of wearing them.

High Heels Pleasure and Pain

Boston Mobile Dance Studio is starting an awesome new movement class where you can learn all that and more. You’re welcome to join Movement Coach Melisa Valdez for Movement in Heels, where she’ll teach you the do’s and the don’ts of movement in heels and the art of seductive movement and dance in high heels. So if you’ve been wanting to improve your “sexy” in stilettos, don’t miss these classes!

If however, you don’t have time to join Melisa’s class, or perhaps you’d prefer to prepare a bit before joining the classes; here are some useful tips and tricks for walking in high heels and taking care of your feet and legs.

who invented high heels - mm

The DO’s of Walking in High Heels

  • Always walk heel to toe, leaning onto the balls of your feet.
  • Make small steps.
  • Go one foot in front of the other, follow a straight line.
  • Maintain a good posture; strong core, back straight, chest open, belly in.
  • Up the stairs, rely on the balls of your feet. Otherwise, your heels could make you roll backward down the stairs like a bowling ball down the aisle. 
  • Down the stairs, ensure stability by relying on the whole foot.
  • Make sure your shoes are the right size, think the size of the bigger foot (if you have one, like many of us do), and the length of your longest toe.
  • Avoid extended periods of time in high heels, few hours is enough, always have a pair of flats around
  • Practice, practice, practice!

The Don’ts of Wearing Heels

  • DO NOT wear high heels if you don’t know how to walk in them properly!
  • Avoid pointy toe shoes because they squeeze your toes. These can cause long-term damage and severe pain.
  • Never squeeze your feet into shoes which are too tight for you.
  • Don’t buy new shoes in the morning or late afternoon, because your feet are either too fresh or too swollen. Best time is mid-day when you’re somewhere in between.
  • Don’t buy unstable shoes, you can check this by knocking them on the back and seeing if they rock side to side. See this great video by Chyna Whyne from Walking in Stilettos.
  • Do not walk toe to heel.
  • Don’t stomp on your heels.
  • Avoid making that noisy clump with your heels, which announces your arrival a mile off!
  • Don’t wear high heels all day every day. Not only will you suffer from severe long-term damage on your feet, but your back will suffer too!
  • Don’t take off your heels when you’re away from home (unless you have to). You might find your feet have swollen up and you’ll have trouble putting them back on.

Pampering your tootsies

  • Stretch your feet and legs on a regular basis. Focus some stretching exercises especially on your toes, Achilles tendons, and calves.
  • Massage your feet and calves. You can use a glass bottle, a ball or a dough rolling pin.
  • Soak, moisturize and let them breathe.
  • Put your feet up!
  • Use soft silicone soles and cushions.
  • Try other handy remedies for blisters and pain.
  • Exercise your legs and your core so your body is strong enough to properly walk, move, dance and strut your stuff in high heels.

Learn the art of seductive movement and dance in high heels with Melisa Valdez…

Movement in Heels with Melisa

Party Dance 101 Class with Carl Alleyne

Cambridge Party Dance 101 Event Info:

When: Saturdays, 9:30 to 10:30 AM

Where: The Dance Complex, 536 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA
(Except for Dec 29, 2018, Class will be held at The Studio at 550 550 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA )

Admission: $15 per class | Preregister Online Only

Promo! Special Monthly Unlimited Plan for only $69. ENROLL HERE

– Enables you to have unlimited access to all weekly classes, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!
– Allows you to cancel succeeding months at any time at no additional charge (no refund).
– Refer a NEW student to this plan, and get a $35 credit on your account.

(To claim credit, you must email us at info@bostonmobiledance.com with your referral’s name, phone number, and email.)

Thursdays Hip-Hop Dance for Beginners with Cedric Crowe

Come on out and learn hot combinations w/ Cedric!

  Hip Hop Beginners with Cedric

Hip-Hop Dance for Beginners, class info

Movement Coach : Cedric

When: Thursdays 8:00-9:00 pm

Where: Thalia Theatre, 288-A Green St, Cambridge MA

Admission: $15 per class | Preregister Online Only

September & October Promo! Special Monthly Unlimited Plan for only $69. ENROLL HERE

– Enables you to have unlimited access to all weekly classes, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! – Allows you to cancel succeeding months at any time at no additional charge (no refund). – Refer a NEW student to this plan, and get a $35 credit on your account. (To claim credit, you must email us at info@bostonmobiledance.com with your referral’s name, phone number, and email.)

How to boost productivity when you’re all over the place

As someone who sometimes wishes a day would last longer than 24 hours, I have to continually keep finding ways of maximizing my time during the day.

Thing is, I’m an entrepreneur and an artist. I’ve got my business, Boston Mobile Dance Studio where I also teach, I have my band the Beantown and I’m the founder of the BeanTown Lockers.

Additionally, I’m a proud father of 3 awesome little munchkins. So, all in all, using my time productively during the day is crucial for me. I’m always looking for ways to boost productivity, and every little tip really helps.

I’m always looking for ways to boost productivity, and every little tip really helps.

First of all, I’m going to guide you through the tactics and habits that I use to boost productivity and make my day more productive.

But let me tell you something before going further. The biggest change I’ve experienced in my productivity is after reading the book “Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod.

Getting up early in the morning and implementing my Miracle Morning routine has helped me organize my day better. It’s helped me clear my mind and find clarity for the rest of the day and the upcoming tasks.

Don’t sit down all the time

When working at my desk, I don’t sit down. I’ve placed my laptop on a high desk shelf so that I’m standing while working in front of the screen. I’ve found that this helps me keep my energy flow moving and the strain on my back is minimized.

Define time blocks of working

Some people find that working in 90-minute blocks makes them most productive. After these 90 minutes, you should take a 15-minute break. But this brake needs to be something useful, not surfing the web, scrolling through Facebook or something not so useful.

These 15 minutes should be used for a useful activity such as going for a walk, doing some exercise, meditating or having a healthy snack.

I usually work in 2-hour blocks during which I time myself. I time every 10 minutes in which I drink 30 sips of water.

Hydrating with water is crucial for the whole body and for the brain. It also helps in reducing stress, keeping the body balanced and energized. I also make 10-minute breaks to do some exercises such as neck rolls, push ups, etc.

You can always try the Pomodoro Technique to boost productivity, which has been proven as very effective.

pomodoro boost productivity
Pomodoro Technique for boosting productivity

Having a healthy sleep pattern

It’s important to have a healthy sleep pattern. Sleep is crucial for the brain. Lack of sleep causes lowered concentration levels, increases stress, and causes burn out.

Although it may not be possible to go to bed early in some situations, I try to make it my goal to go to bed by 11 pm. This way I can get enough sleep to be able to get up at 4:00 am.

When I gig with my band, I get home very late so I don’t go to bed before 2 am, in these cases I sleep in unless it’s necessary to get up early. I also try to take power naps during the day if I didn’t get enough sleep during the night.

sleep and boost productivity
Sleep well and boost productivity

Balancing work and life

I’m a family man. So even though I have a day full of projects and responsibilities, I do my best to take time off. I spend my evenings with my family, I take time off to go out with my wife and my kids. I love going to the movies because it really helps me detach from the fast paced and sometimes very stressful work situations. Spending simple moments with my wife, laughing and joking around helps me remember that life should be enjoyed and not taken so seriously.

Balancing work and life is really important for boosting productivity. Failing to balance these two will not only cause decreased productivity, but it will also eventually cause burnout.

Continuous learning

As someone with many roles and responsibilities, I’ve truly experienced the importance of learning. You should never believe that you’ve learned everything you need to know.

Failing to develop and expand your knowledge and skills will make you unproductive in all areas of your life. There’s always something to learn.

For me, I’m always looking to learn more as an entrepreneur and as an artist. I love listening to audio books, especially while driving my car. I drive a lot, so I try to use this time constructively.

I love the way Brian Tracy puts it:

The second part of continuous learning is for you to listen to audio programs in your car. Audio learning has been described as the most important advance in education since the invention of the printing press.

Boost productivity by listening to music

Music can enhance all areas of our work and life. But it’s important to choose this music carefully.

Different genres and frequencies have different effects on the brain. Energetic and fast music with fast beats or lyrics should be avoided during mental activities.

As a performer and a natural introvert, being too hyped up tires me emotionally and mentally. So, I prefer to listen to classical music during mental work, it helps me relax and focus.

Whereas during active work such as rehearsals, dance classes and workouts I listen to energetic music. This helps me maintain my energy, motivation, and creativity.

And that would be that from me, my dear friends. I hope you’ve enjoyed this read and that it will help you boost your productivity.

Try some of these things and tell me how it goes, I’d love to hear your opinions.

beginners dance boton