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Fitness Models Who were Overweight

When it comes to Fitness Modeling which is often confused as body building, two things are certain; you have to commit to a lifetime of eating clean and exercising on a regular basis. For many, this can be a tough challenge. But, some of the most amazing transformation fitness models have shown us that this challenge can be a wonderful journey, full of fun and positive changes.

We’ve selected 5 of the most inspiring fitness models, whose transformational journey has motivated many people to make great changes in their bodies and lifestyles.

Jennifer Nicole Lee – Fitness Models Story

A Fitness model and trainer, motivational speaker, and author, Jennifer Nicole Lee struggled with weight for a large part of her life. After giving birth to two kids and reaching 200 pounds, she brought a final decision; to change her body and her life for good. She lost 80 pounds, became a fitness diva, won the first-ever Miss Muscle and Fitness title, and claimed a number of other awards in the fitness industry! Today, she is one of the most sought after celebrity fitness trainers, with her own online fitness studio, fitness books and programs such as “JNLFusion”, fitness models coaching production and a fitness apparel label.


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Fotografiju objavljuje Jennifer Nicole Lee (@jennifernicolelee)

Cynthia Gonzales

Cynthia Gonzales is a Body Transformation Specialist, an NPC Bikini Fitness Model, and Fitness Life Coach. Although she was an athlete all her life, somewhere along the line she lost herself and her dedication to what she loved most. After losing her job and becoming a single mom, she took on a Fitness Model competition and totally transformed her body.


Keoni Hudoba – Fitness Journey

A guy whose fitness transformation amazed us the most. Keoni Hudoba was an overweight opera singer, with 300+ pounds, who made the decision to change his life for good. Within 3 years he shed the weight, defined the muscle and became a fitness trainer himself. He is the creator of the Cyc Fitness program.



Fotografiju objavljuje KEONI HUDOBA (@keonihudoba)

Kristi Youngdahl

Another inspirational story we love is the one of personal trainer Kristi Youngdahl from Inspired Fitness. Besides battling with obesity, Kristi claimed victory over depression too. She changed her life and the life of her family as well, by bringing in new lifestyle habits into their lives. Kristi says that she reached her goals not by looking at the numbers on the scale, but by looking at her health and happiness. Today, this is the way she helps her clients achieve whole-life transformation, to learn self-respect, self-love, gratitude, and positivity.


Stumbled upon a competition photo… Makes me want to jump back on the stage. So fun!

Fotografiju objavljuje Kristi Youngdahl (@kyoungdahl)

Paula Hannah

A true inspiration to all women approaching their fifties. From an obese, unsatisfied, binge eating addict, Paula became an inspiring transformation icon and bodybuilder. Paula’s decision to start a healthy life started as a New Year’s resolution. It turned into a complete change of life when she decided to become a figure competitor.