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|INFOGRAPHIC| Private Schools vs Public Charter Schools

|INFOGRAPHIC| Private Schools vs Public Charter Schools

As parents, we all want what is best for our children. Choosing the right school isn’t just a one aspect approach. There are lots of things to consider.

Recent trends show that schools which get best results are public charter schools and private schools.

But this is still debatable. There are a number of things we have to consider when choosing a school. But as it is human, we all have different viewpoints and family values.

Some of us put the highest priority on a school’s educational program, whereas some of us put more priority on the school’s culture and the environment.

Yet there are other factors that affect our choice of school. So we’ve come up with an Infographic, which will help you consider some of the general differences between these two types schools, public charters, and private schools.

Hope it helps!

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