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Locking 101: The art and history of Locking, real facts only

Locking 101: The art and history of Locking, real facts only

Locking is not just about dancing, it is about freedom of movement. As Don Cambpellock says; Locking has to come from the emotion, from the heart.

“The Campbellock” aka “Locking” is an improvisational performance dance which is based on the expression of the individual, with “The Lock” as its base, in which everything flows from (Dennis Ddouble Danehy, Son of Donald Campbell)

The best dancer doesn’t always win, it’s the best entertainer. Never hold back!

Don “Campbellock“ Campbell on Locking at HHI 2015

Locking Fact 1

The beginnings of Locking

During his college years, Don Campbellock was attempting to do the Robot Shuffle dance among a number of friends. He did the interpretation of the dance, forcefully locking his elbows in place. His friends noticed that move and encouraged him to do it again, saying “Do that Lock Campbell, Do that Lock!” From then on his moves became known as Cambellocking. Don Campbell danced his dance from then on all over clubs and TV Shows, from 1970 to 1973.

Locking Fact 2

The Original Locking Style

The definition of locking, as envisioned by Don Campbellock, the father of Locking; by the words of his son Dennis Ddouble Danehy, “The Freedom of Movement, using the “Lock” as the base, for which everything flows from.”

When you break things down in to pieces, especially when the move I was doing was continuous, it doesn’t flow the way it’s supposed to. What I did was spur of the moment. I was spontaneous, right on the spot. Not making up steps. Especially not naming them.

Don „Campbellock“ Campbell

Locking Fact 3

The Original Lockers

The Lockers were founded by Don Campbell and Toni Basil. This group was together from 1973 to 1976. The original members were Don „Cambellock“ Campbell, Toni Basil, Bill “Slim The Robot” Williams, Greg “Campbellock Jr.” Pope, Leo “Fluky Luke” Williamson, Fred “Mr.Penguin” Berry and later added Adolfo “ShabbaDoo” Quinones.

Locking Fact 4

Changing the face of dance

The Lockers “changed the face of dance” by bringing a new dance genre into Street Dance. The dance that became known worldwide as a genre that transcended art, fashion, pop culture and entertainment.

Locking Fact 5

The Campbellockers

The initial name of Don “Campbellock” Campbell’s original dance group was The Campbellockers. But, this was only for their first show in “The Roberta Flack Special”. Some of the dancers participating in that show were not a part of the group that then became known as “The Campbellock Dancers” at “The Carol Burnett Show with Johnny Carson”. Due to legal issues, they then became known as “The Lockers”. The name “The Campbellock Dancers” actually came from Don Campbellock’s tour for the song “The Cambellock”.

Locking Fact 6

The “Real” Music

The Campbellock Dancers always danced to music played by live musicians. The music genre wasn’t always necessarily constricted to Funk, Soul, R&B and Old School. The Lockers danced to the music that was popular among the crowd.

Locking Fact 7

Locking the way up

The Lockers had over 100 appearances on TV shows within the first 3 years. These shows include “Soul Train”, “Saturday Night Live” and “The Tonight Show”.

Locking Fact 8

The dance from “The children of the Ghetto”

Michael Jackson has been quoted as saying that he got his dance moves from the children of the ghetto. Don Campbellock was one of these “children”. A young man that found his purpose in the freedom of movement and the irreplaceable emotion that creative dance provides and the one that shared his unlimited creativity and excellent showmanship to amaze and entertain others with his dance.

Locking Fact 9

No such thing as “correct” moves

Don Campbellock’s dance came from his heart, from his emotions and the inspiration that the music gave him. He didn’t create or follow a choreography, and he didn’t give his moves any particular names.

When I was out on that floor, I wasn’t trying to come up with steps then name them. That’s not and has never been what my dance was about. That’s not how creativity works. You got to let it flow. And whatever comes out is you being you.

Don “Campbellock” Campbell

Locking Fact 10

Dancing through the ages

The Locking dance form is half a century old, and it is still loved by everyone who encounters it, for its unique energy and entertainment style. Unfortunately, as all history is retold by many, the real history gets lost along the way.

These facts were written with the cooperation of Dennis Ddouble Danehy, the son of Donald Campbell.

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