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Boosting Creativity Hacks Cheat Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC]

We all have our ups and downs with creativity. Especially if you work in an industry where creativity is crucial. Sometimes you’re creativity juices are flowing like crazy, yet sometimes, your brain is just, well… like tabula razza. So we need a push here and there, we need a tactic for boosting creativity.

This is why we thought we’d make a small collection of tips and share them with you. These pieces of advice are short and sweet, based on our own experiences here at the Boston Mobile Dance Studio team and also based on the experience of many other creatives and professionals out there.

Only instead of giving you a huge in depth article to read through and scrutinize over; the which, what, when and how of the advice you just read. We made a sweet little infographic cheat sheat, with bite sized tips that will help your creative juices start flowing in no time.

So have fun and share your thoughts with us!

Boosting Creativity Hacks

INFOGRAPHIC: Boosting Creativity Cheat Sheet

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