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Ethno Haitian Dance Videos

As we approach an upcoming workshop at the Boston Mobile Dance Studio, 2Gether where Ethno Haitian Dance and Street Dance meet, we thought we’d share some amazing videos with you.

Jean Appolon is the leader of this movement in Boston and the creator of the Expressions Center which is the heart of Ethno Haitian dance in the Boston area and wider.

Jean will be teaching his Ethno Haitian dance wisdom alongside Carl Alleyne and fun Street Dance moves.

Some of you might remember a similar project, our Urban Roots Dance Workshop. We had so much fun. That’s the kind of energy that’s unforgettable.

Urban Roots Workshop

One thing we feel we need to point out is the amazing things that Jean Appolon is doing in his homeland, Haiti. Jean has founded the “Dance Haiti!” institute which provides a free educational program for young Haitians. The Summer Dance Institute lasts for 4 weeks and has a full day / every day intensive program. This is a great thing for young Haitians because many of them don’t have access to good education. This also very valuable for the country its self as Haitian dance is a national treasure to Haitians.

The Jean Appolon Summer Dance Institute July 2012, Port-au-Prince, Haiti


2016 Jean Appolon Summer Dance Institute Ethno Haitian

Another interesting fact about Ethno Haitian dance is that it is danced to live drumming. The 2Gether workshop will also be accompanied to live music and drumming. The Haitian and Afro drumming styles are the most physically, intellectually and spiritually demanding and fulfilling instrumental activity. Drummers connect with the dancers and the fun spirit of the class. How’s that for totally engaging your mind, body, and soul!

Boosting Productivity: Dance as an outlet

Being a dance studio owner, I regularly get to meet lots of new people from various different backgrounds, cultures, and mindsets. Older people, younger people, mid-aged, teenagers, and children.

Our clients come to us to learn to dance, with many different intentions and goals.

People often come to our dance classes to find a means of distressing, and/or emotional and creative outlet.

All of these things are important for boosting productivity.

How does dancing and releasing tension help with boosting productivity, you say?

Well, the answer is actually quite simple. When you’re overwhelmed with day to day tasks at work and in life, it’s natural to feel tension and stress.

Of course, there are different methods to beat this. After all, stress is inside of us, it’s not outside. It’s the way we perceive certain situations which in return causes us to feel stressed out.

Meditation and mindfulness are some of the most effective methods for beating stress.

But taking part in dance classes and events is also an amazing way to distress and blow some steam off. I’ve heard my clients and students say this time and time again. Dancing is an outlet, and having an outlet will allow you to boost productivity in many different ways.

So, let’s explore the outlet dancing gives you which can help you boost productivity…

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Distressing with dance

When you come to a dance class, you meet a lot of new and different people.

Human beings have a natural need to socialize. It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert. Meeting new people and building relationships helps you build self-confidence and it is a great way to bring something new into the usual everyday routine.

During a dance class, we play music that raises energy levels. Depending on the dancing style, the music may be fast or slow paced.

But in whichever the case, music and dance combined, raise happy hormone levels in our brain. And maintaining that emotion of release and feeling good is guaranteed to help you boost productivity in your everyday life.

Music and dance combined, raise happy hormone levels in our brain says #Carl_Alleyne at @BMDanceStudio Tweet This

Of course, it’s not unusual to feel insecure or anxious if you’re coming to a dance class for the first time. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind that dance classes at Boston Mobile Dance Studio are intended for fun.

This is why we don’t focus so much on professional dancers, but rather on everyday people wanting to have some fun while dancing.

Just like with any other physical activity; while dancing, your body releases serotonin and endorphins. The natural feel-good chemicals in the human body.

Boosting productivity - distressing with dance

Emotional outlet

Ask any professional dancer, and they’ll tell you that they can never express their emotions in words, as much as with movement. Many dance styles have emerged based on this theory.

Take KRUMP and Contemporary dance for example. KRUMP emerged on the streets of L.A. and it became popular as a way of expressing an individuals’ thoughts, emotions, opinions and perspectives through energetic movements made to the beats of an expressive tune.

Contemporary is a dance of the soul. A contemporary dance choreography is danced to tell a story and to express the deepest emotions within one being.

This is why not every dance style suits everyone.

Before deciding to enroll in a dance class, you should consider which music you prefer the most and which types of moves you like the best. You can try many, and you can choose one or more that you prefer. It’s important that you look for the emotion that it gives you.

If a dance style makes you feel amazing, pumped up and enlightened, then that’s the one for you. Nurturing that positive emotion and getting rid of negative emotions has a huge effect on productivity, so obviously positive emotions will boost your productivity for sure.

Boosting Productivity - Emotional outlet

Boosting Creativity

Taking part in dance classes opens possibilities of trying new things and experimenting with your body and movements. This alleviates your brain to go places where it hasn’t gone before.

So, when you’re dancing you’re developing and enhancing your creative abilities, which feeds your brain with new ideas and possibilities you wouldn’t have considered before. So while boosting your creativity, you’re also boosting your productivity because your brain will be able to solve problems creatively and you will find solutions much quicker and easier than before.

You can read more on creativity on our blog by following the geniuses’ guide to improving creative problem-solving skills, or by considering what could be killing your creativity.

Or take a look at our Creativity Hacks Cheat Sheet.

Boosting Productivity & Creativity

When you’re dancing, you’re developing and enhancing your creative abilities, says @Carl_Alleyne at @BMDanceStudio Tweet this

Nurturing your motivation

We’ve been talking about motivation a lot these days. As I mentioned in my post “7 Motivational Secrets Every Leader should know”, I have a team of people working to bring the voice and vision of Boston Mobile Dance Studio to the world. It’s my responsibility to keep my team members motivated. So to be able to motivate them, I have to be motivated myself.

I’ll be talking some more about motivation in the upcoming blog posts and podcasts.

But one thing I want to point out know, is that:

Lack of motivation = procrastination = depletion


Motivation = productivity

Most of you are probably nodding your heads here because this is so logical and obvious. But it’s also easy to forget when the demotivation monster attacks without a guard.

How does dance affect your motivation? Well, the combination of music and movement feeds your brain with will-power and positive vibrations that increase your life energy, thus allowing you to boost your productivity in your work and life environments.

Boosting Productivity - Nurturing Motivation That’s it for today. Hope you’ve enjoyed the read on dancing as an outlet and productivity boost. We try to give you useful content to guide you on your creative journey of life.

Got something to say, feel free to post below in the comments section, we’d love to hear from you!

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