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Five Top Things To Do This Weekend in Boston – May 6-7

Oh, weekend already is it??? Wow, time flies fast these days!

But, the weekend will pass even faster… so make the most out of it!

This weekend is even more packed with awesome art, fun, and dance events in Boston…

my team and I had a hard time choosing our fave this time, but we promised we’d give you 5 each week to make things easier for you…

So, here they are:

May 6th & 7th, This Weekends Top Dance Events in Boston

Top Dance Event #1

From the Horse’s Mouth at the Dance Complex

Performed by the Julie Ince Thompson Theatre, “From the Horse’s Mouth” is this year’s celebration of Boston’s rich dance history and the long year existence of the Dance Complex within the scene.

This is an improvisational performance which brings together dancers of all ages and genres to creatively share their own dance stories with the audience.

Now, how’s that for freedom and creativity!? Don’t miss this if you love getting inspired by creative and unconventional performance ideas.

Video: From the Horse’s Mouth directed by Tina Croll and James Cunningham

When: Saturday, May 6th at 8 pm & Sunday, May 7th at 7 pm

Where: The Dance Complex, Cambridge, MA

Get Tickets: http://fromthehorsesmouth.bpt.me/

Top Dance Event #2

Sankofa – “Call Time” at the Williams College

“Stepping forward by looking back” is the way this creatively striking step dance form is represented.

The step team of the Williams College was originally founded back in 1996. The two founding dancers combined beats and dance moves of the South African Gumboot, the military drill, West African Dance, and Hip-Hop.

Today, the latest dancer set-up continues to combine different dance styles, music, and even voice to inspire and amaze the audience with their unique energy and creativity.

Okay, we’re already wanting to go to both of the dance events mentioned so far…

Like, how can we miss these inspiring events which embody our favorite terms “Creativity Freedom” and “Creativity with no boundaries”?

Video: Sankofa Closing Set – 11th Annual Steady Steppin’ Forward Step Competition

When: Saturday, May 6th at 8 PM

Where: Williams College ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance, Williamstown, MA

Get Tickets: https://62center.williams.edu/events/sankofa-6/

Top Dance Event #3

Fundraiser for MetaMovements Salsa In the Park 10th Anniversary

A whole program of events has been planned by MetaMovements to kick off the 10th year Anniversary of Salsa In The Park, coming in June.

Among the variety of scheduled events this weekend, are; TIMBAerobics, Latin Logic with Timba Lines, MetaMovements Dance Party and Spontaneous Celebration After Dark to Wake Up The Earth, Salsa Sunday with DJ Rob Suave. Visit the Salsa In the Park website for more information.  

Video: MetaMovements – Salsa In The Park Boston Part II 2012

When: Saturday Afternoon and Evening, May 6th and Sunday Evening May 7th through rest of May and June.

Where: May 6th – Wake Up The Earth Festival Sun Stage and  Spontaneous Celebrations, Jamaica Plain. May 7th –  Ryles Jazz Club, Cambridge.

Get Tickets: Afternoon program is FREE. Evening program is a minimum $10 donation at the entrance.

Top Dance Event #4

Belly Dance Workshop with Jaclyn Barzvi at Acorn Yoga, Brighton

Belly dancing is a very healthy form of dance and fitness. As well as helping improve the overall physical endurance, belly dancing also improves digestion and flexibility.

If belly dancing is your style, or you’ve always wanted to learn to do belly tricks and hip swirls, then this is the highlight of your weekend.

The workshop will be taught by Bostons beautiful belly dancer and teacher Jaclyn Barzvi.

During the belly dancing workshop with Jaclyn Barzvi at the Acorn Yoga studio in Brighton, you’ll get to learn about the ancient cultures and traditions which were the source of this old art form. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to learn the belly dancing techniques and advanced moves if you’re feeling ambitious.

To really make it a full experience, you will be given a hip scarf for dancing and you’ll learn a full belly dance choreography.

Video: Belly Dance Madness – Jaclyn Barzvi – UMass Amherst

When: Sunday, May 7th, 2 – 4 PM

Where: Acorn Yoga, Brighton, MA

Get Tickets: http://www.acornyoga.org/bellydancing-with-jackie/

Top Dance Event #5

Generations in Dance and Song by West Medford Senior Club

Storytelling through dance and creative movement performed by the Back Pocket Dancers dance troupe from Cambridge. The dancers will be accompanied with jazz music, instruments and vocals.

The stories of resilience, freedom, and friendship are told out loud by the dancers themselves, who are at the same time an integral part of the story being told.

It’s interesting to mention that one of the dancers of the Back Pocket dance troupe is 94-year old Dorothy Elizabeth Tucker, who is also a resident of the West Medford Senior Center.

Video: Back Pocket Dancers

When: Saturday, May 6th at 3 PM and at 7:30 PM

Where: Medford Senior Center, 101 Riverside Ave. Medford, MA

Get Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/generations-in-dance-and-song-tickets-33155720653

Don’t forget that you can kick-off your weekend days at our mobile dance classes where I get down with you for some Party Dance 101 and Hip-Hop for beginners. Or Krump your Sunday away with Ashton aka Stackz…

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