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|INFOGRAPHIC| Why is Free Time Important for Children

INFOGRAPHIC – Why children need free time

Children need to have a structure in their day and it is definitely important to have our kids take part in different activities.

But free unstructured time is also beneficial, even more so, crucial for the healthy psychological and neural development of a child.

As parents, some of us get obsessed with the idea of having our children take part in activities to help them stay on the track of healthy development.

We worry that if a child doesn’t have a structured day they may grow into unstable or insecure young adults. But just like everything else, it’s really important to not over do this.

Unstructured free time has a number of its benefits, and to give you a clearer picture, we’ve come up with an infographic. This will help you become more aware of the importance of free time for your kids.


free play time

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