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|INFOGRAPHIC| 10 Ways Dance Improves Child Health

|INFOGRAPHIC| 10 Ways Dance Improves Child Health

Helping your child stay healthy and happy doesn’t have to be all about rigorous healthy and activity schedules.

Eating healthy and having a stable schedule is important for helping your child acquire healthy habits and stay healthy.

But nurturing happiness is also important.

What another way can you help your child do all that and have fun at the same time, but with dancing!

The benefits of dance are huge, especially for children.

Here’s a cool infographic which will help you learn how much dance really helps your child improve health and well-being.

dance improves child health

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7 Motivational Secrets Every Leader Should Know

As a leader and entrepreneur, I’ve been able to communicate with many different types of individuals. I can say that each and every one is a blessing for me, because I’ve learned something from all of them.

These experiences have taught me a lot about communication and leadership. I believe in positive leadership. I believe in empowering, as to commanding. I believe in encouraging as to criticizing. And I believe in motivating, as to pressuring.

And I can honestly say; for me, it’s working out amazingly. So based on that, I thought I’d share with you, my 7 motivational secrets -when it comes to my employees and team members.

I believe in positive leadership, I believe in empowering… says @Carl_Alleyne at @BMDanceStudio

Motivation in the workplace has been a subject of research for quite some time.

Initially, it was considered a Pandora ’s Box, due to the fact that every individual has different aspirations and goals at work and in life.

Brain science has shed some light on factors that motivate individuals on a personal and professional level.

For a long time, it was believed that rewards were the best motivators, but recent studies show that’s not the case. Have a look at this interesting TED talk by Dan Pink on The Puzzle Motivation.

Although it may seem obvious, every leader should be interested in motivating their team in the best way possible. But, research shows that this actually is not the case.

Based on the most recent research, employees and managers at large corporations, exhibit low levels of trust within the company teams. Logically, where there’s no trust, there’s little to none motivation.

But inspired by positive leadership, as we do it here at Boston Mobile Dance Studio, I thought I’d share the motivational secrets that I and other positive leaders believe to be crucial for team success.

My Motivational Secrets

Lead by example

Just like the saying “treat others the way you want to be treated”, leading by example for me assumes that I treat my team members in a way that I want everyone treating each other within the team.

The positive attitude towards our work and towards each other creates a company culture with a fertile ground for motivation, productivity, and creativity.

I don’t like to have limits imposed on me, so I don’t impose limits on my team members. This in return generates extremely creative ideas and productive work.

Another thing is, I don’t like to stagnate, and my team knows this. So rather than getting stuck on a certain problem, we move on to the next task in the plan to keep the momentum moving.

Team enthusiasm is something I have to keep alive in order to achieve our goals and nurture the company culture.

Once you have the momentum, you have to keep the momentum moving Says @Carl_Alleyne at @BMDanceStudio

Motivational Secrets


When I say socializing, I don’t mean only team get-togethers and events. These are great, but I believe it’s important to know each other on a personal level. My team members and I are open about our personal lives. We share each other’s personal experiences and conversations.

Now I’m not saying that we all have to be best friends. I respect the fact that it’s important to separate professional lives from personal lives. But in any case, it’s better to get on and be friends to a certain degree, rather than being explicitly focused on serious professionality.

Positive feedback

Feedback is crucial. Whether positive or negative. But one can choose the right words when sharing negative feedback.

I’ve found that certain individuals don’t respond well to blunt and direct negative criticism. Often these individuals are people with great skills and capacity. So why allow the loss of a great team member for the sake of being crude!?

I try to choose my words with care and approach a team member in the way that I’d want someone to approach me too.

On the other side, when it comes to good work and results, even the smallest bits, I take care to thank and show appreciation for the hard work and awesome results. This is something that a leader must do, because it has an amazingly positive motivational effect on people.


As well as being honest with my opinions, I’ve found that it is important to be honest about internal business information.

Transparency builds trust. If we’re in a situation that certain business goals aren’t going in the desired direction, I share that with my team.

If something isn’t working out as expected it will affect all areas of the business, and team members need to know that.

This also opens the possibility of individuals not even working within the problematic department to come up with an innovative solution, which in the end helps us all move forward.

Know your employee

It’s important to show your employees that you care about them and that you’re interested in their personal stuff that may be affecting them even on a professional level.

It is a human fundamental need to be accepted and appreciated. People are much more motivated when they know that they’re respected for what they are and what they do.

We take care to nurture this need as a part of our company culture. I emphasize this to my existing and new team members and employees. Because it is the core of this company.


As well as being an entrepreneur, I’m also an artist and a parent. As a typical artist, you’re always looking for new inspiration and action. I believe that this is something that can help everyone get more motivated.

Looking for new possibilities and opportunities gives you the drive to do more and give more of your abilities. When I say opportunities, I’m not just talking about promotions in the company. I’m talking about the possibilities to learn new things, to do work other than the work someone is specialized in. As Jason Demers puts in in his article the 6 motivation secrets to inspire your employees, even the most ambitious people get demotivated when there are no changes happening.

People may be working in one particular field, but they also have other knowledge and skills that they would like to show or improve.

Giving people these kinds of possibilities is twofold. They get the chance to show what they’ve got and to grow, and you get specific work done within the team without having to hire outside help.


I mentioned this in the beginning. But I just can’t stress the importance of freedom enough. Direction is important, and certain company rules and regulations need to be adhered to, in order to maintain productivity and an efficient workflow.

I’m convinced that employees need to be given as much freedom as possible, even if it means letting them make mistakes (as long as these mistakes don’t cause financial loss).

Giving the freedom to explore, you’re opening the doors to innovative ideas and solutions.

The world of business has been extremely focused on accustomed ways of doing things in the past times. But now we’re living in the times of transition. More and more professionals are switching to a more creative approach to work, and creativity assumes freedom. 

Boston Mobile Dance Studio is a creative company, which logically means that creativity comes first when it comes to business operations and management. I’ve found that giving my team members the freedom they need, more creative ideas are born. This results in original ideas that can minimize the financial costs of a task which would usually require greater financial investment.

And that would be that dear friends. I’d love to hear your thoughts. And if you’re a leader yourself, please share your motivational secrets with us. Because there’s always room for improvement for all of us. Thank you for reading and feel free to share this article with your friends and colleagues.

Thank you for reading and feel free to share this article with your friends and colleagues.

For more interesting reads about motivation, have a look at our bite-sized creative pieces. Take a look our Get motivated in 10 minutes INFOGRAPHIC and also stay tuned for the next one: The 5 things your employees need to hear you say INFOGRAPHIC.

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