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What are the Differences Between Fitness Models and Bodybuilders?

To someone who is not rooted deep in the fitness industry, Bodybuilding and Fitness Modeling may seem as the same thing. But there are actually 5 important differences between the two.

Bodybuilders and Fitness Models compete at the same competitions only in different disciplines and categories. For more detailed information about the competition categories, you can check out the pages on the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness website and on the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Inc website.

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Here’s a brief of each one of the differences. If you’re on a fitness journey yourself, I hope it’ll help you decide which direction you would like to take, that of a Fitness Model or a Bodybuilder.

1. Muscle Mass

Bodybuilding is focused on building muscle. It is common for bodybuilders to do weight lifting reps until reaching “muscle failure” (when they physically can’t proceed with another rep). During the muscle recovery, muscles rebuild and get stronger.

Bodybuilders main goal is to sculpt large muscles which pop, whereas Fitness Models don’t focus on building muscle, but more so on sculpting an overall fit looking body. This doesn’t mean Fitness Models don’t have muscles, it’s just that their focus isn’t mainly on the popping muscle mass.

2. Calorie Intake

Fitness Models are focused on reducing fat, so their diet often requires that they consume the least amount of calories. But this also often depends on the individual body form and metabolism type.

Bodybuilders in the other hand, often consume a larger number of calories in order to convert fat into muscle.

It is only during competition season that Bodybuilders will work to reduce their overall body fat percentage to look lean for the competition. Whereas Fitness Models have to look lean throughout the year.

3. Proteins

Proteins boost muscle mass development. Bodybuilders consume a high level of proteins through protein rich foods and protein shakes. Whereas Fitness Models consume proteins depending on their body and metabolism type.

4. Workout Sessions

Bodybuilders training sessions are mostly focused on weight lifting, often don’t include any cardio training, and are usually longer than Fitness Models training sessions.

Fitness Models on the other hand often do a lot of cardio and some weight lifting. A Fitness Models workout session is more intense but shorter than a Bodybuilders workout session.

Fitness Models train to create toned muscles through the whole body, whereas Bodybuilders train to build muscle.

5. Supplements

Although there is no written rule, in general, Bodybuilders consume a lot more supplements than Fitness Models in order to maximize their muscle-building capabilities.

For Fitness Models, healthy eating habits are crucial. They focus on more natural alternatives and supplements that provide overall good health and body strength.

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In the meantime, check out this awesome Infographic by one of my amazing team members Fitness Models VS Bodybuilders.

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