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The top 10 Flash Mobs we love

We love Flash Mobs, because whatever message you’re trying to get out there, a creative Flash Mob is definitely a great choice. For whichever purpose or cause, a Flash Mob engages masses of people and acts as a positive messenger for the masses.

Here we’ve been going through some Flash Mobs seen on the internet, and we’ve selected the ones we think are the top ones. Now, we didn’t select them just because we love the choreographies or because the dancers are amazing pros. We looked at the overall feeling the Flash Mob provides, the goals, causes and messages that they promote. So we were actually looking deeper and further than the actual visual representation. So, take a look for yourself and share your thoughts with us. If you think we missed something or if you have a Flash Mob you’d like to share, feel free to post in the comments.

1. Official Michael Jackson dance tribute

As it is obvious in the title, this Flash Mob is a tribute to the legendary king of pop, and dance, whom the world loved so much. Michael Jackson’s fans not only loved him for his music, singing and amazing dancing. But he was also loved for his charisma and kindness. So this is really a beautiful way to pay tribute to him, it definitely bought tears of joy and emotion to our eyes!


2. Moscow wedding Flash Mob, Puttin’ on the ritz

Now what and AMAZING way to surprise a bride! We love this Flash Mob because it’s pumping with positive energy, the moves are great, the way it is organized and the great use of space that it has. Thumbs up to the Russians for their creativity!


3. Bondi Beach Gets Flipped! Towel Surfing – Flip Video Flash Mob

Power to the guy that starts this cool beach Flash Mob. We love his courage and positivity. As the folks at Bondi Beach say, this Flash Mob was the starter of a new surfing phenomenon, Towel Surfing! As more and more dancers danced, more people started to engage as well. What a brilliant idea for some extra cool beach fun.


4. Sacla’ Stage Shopera in London Foodhall

This one is not a dance Flash Mob, but that’s what we love about it. It’s actually an Opera Flash Mob. This was a promotional Flash Mob from the Italian Pesto Pioneers Sacla’. The random Opera singers, dressed as shoppers and store staff sang the Italian classic Funiculi, Funicula throughout the entire store. Great sound, great surprise. Creativity and fun can be added everywhere, even at your local food store.


5. Kid’s Flashmob for Bully Week

We love it when kids dance. Kids love to move and dance, it’s in their pure joyful nature. And it’s even better when there’s an important cause that they’re dancing for. Bullying has been a problem at schools for many, many years. It’s a painful experience for children and parents. Raising awareness and fighting for changes for such a cause is so valuable. Especially if you are doing it in such a positive and creative way, because you’re spreading love and positive energy.


6. Save the Children Bolivia’s FLASHMOB!

Respect to this Flash Mob and to the staff of Save the Children Bolivia. It’s wonderful to see a large team of staff that is so engaged in what they do and so willing to be creative to spread positivity and love. Now this is something that would benefit all types of organizations to nurture team spirit and creativity.


7. IWFF Hyderabad “Save The Girl Child” Flash Mob Women’s Day

This Flash Mob also doesn’t have any dancing, but just watching it airs such a strong emotion within. You may, or you may not, know. In certain Indian traditions there is still the practice of late aborting and killing of girl babies. This is such a cruel and tragic occurrence and many people of the Indian population are fighting to change that.

The words being spoken in the video are in Indian, so we asked our friend from India, to translate it for us and for you. And here is the basic translation of the context:

In the beginning of the video a mother in law is telling her daughter in law that she wants her to conceive a boy only.

And then, a voice of a baby girl plays in the background saying “maa” which means “mom”. She is asking her mom; why have you decided my destiny before my birth?

She is pleading for life and promising good behaviour. She says she will help her at home and day to day life. She is promising that she will never get married and will always stay and take care of them.

Then she says; if you still don’t want me to come then you don’t have to spend for surgery to kill me, rather I’ll ask God to take my life naturally.

After a pause, it seems like the baby girl is born. The voice of the mother in law is heard in the background, she is asking her daughter in law to come back home as they have to prepare for the celebration to welcome the baby angel and everyone is happy again.

Yikes, very emotional and very powerful!


8. Official LOVE146 Flash Mob – Can you see me?

This is another Flash Mob perfect in all aspects. The cause, the message, the dancers and the choreo. Just perfect! The cause this Flash Mob was danced for, is to abolish child sex slavery and exploitation. It was organized by the non-profit organisation in London, Love146, and the message they sent out was very, very compelling.


9. Flash mob: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

We love the courage of the women dancing in this Flash Mob. These are everyday women, not pro dancers, thumbs up to them for getting out there and for standing up for a cause that matters to them. The orange these ladies are wearing is the supporting colour of the United Nation’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Women across the world have been encouraged to wear orange as support to this cause.


10. Exeter Yoga Flash Mob May 2015 – LOVE IS THE ANSWER (official)

Here’s one powerful Yoga Flash Mob. So much love and peace! This Yoga Flash Mob is also great because of the message it sends, “Love is the answer”. It’s great because you can see on the people participating that they really feel good. Which goes to show how Yoga is good for you, physically and spiritually. And the finish with a final Aum, it’s so nice to see many people united in making the source sound of creation, love and peace. So love your-self, love others and do Yoga!


And that’s it, our top 10 Yoga Flash Mobs. Share your thoughts, share which Flash Mob you like the best and feel free to share something that we may have missed here. Thanx!