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What Makes Hip-Hop Dance Great for Youth?

Hip-Hop Dance for youth is proven to be the most effective when it comes to physical activity and exercise. Recent studies have shown that youth hip-hop dance classes take first place in moderate to physical activity within a one-hour dance class. This is the recommended amount of physical activity for children during the day.

The US has a general problem of obesity among adults and youth alike, due to lack of healthy physical activity and unhealthy eating habits.

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Hip-Hop dance dates back to the 1960’s, it originated on the streets of the US among young people looking for self-expression through art and movement. It is a form of Street Dance, but these days, hip-hop is not just a type of dance but a culture of its own.

Here we’re not going to go into detail about the history, the different moves and the culture of hip-hop, as that would be off topic. But we’re going to take a look at the beneficial elements which make hip-hop dance a good choice of dance style for youth.

Get your kids some extra physical activity with hip-hop dance

Vigorous Movements in Hip-Hop Dance for Youth

Most movements during a youth hip-hop dance class are energetic, that provides the intense interval of activity which directs a child’s energy in a constructive manner and provides for a healthy physical activity.

hip hop dance
Image courtesy of Flickr

Hip-Hop Teaches Rhythm

Hip-hop music is made up of rhythms and beats which dominate the soundtracks. This makes the hip-hop dance for youth classes rhythm-centric, allowing the students to learn to listen and follow the rhythm while moving and dancing.

kids dancing hip hop
Kids and hip hop dance, Image courtesy of Flickr

Artistic Expression in Hip-Hop Dance

As I mentioned before, hip-hop is a culture of its own. This is because it transcends music, dance, style, and art. Students who take part in the hip-hop dance for youth classes learn to express through these moves and through the music finding their own way of artistic expression.

Hip Hop Culture and Art
Hip Hop Culture and Art, Image courtesy of Flickr

Hip-Hop Dance for Youth Encourages Confidence

As the youth hip-hop dance classes are taken in groups, children are taught to work in unity. By working and following a rhythm together they learn to connect with others and to find their own place within the group, this is crucial for the self-confidence of a child.

Youth Hip Hop Dance Group
Hip Hop Dance Group, Image courtesy of Flickr

Personal Style in Hip-Hop Dance for Youth

The core of the establishment of hip-hop so many years back is the fact that it gave young people a sense of identity. Nowadays, young people continue to find their place within that culture through music and dance which gives them the opportunity to develop and create their own style of moves in hip-hop dance.

Youth Hip Hop Worldwide
Youth Hip Hop Worldwide, Image courtesy of Flickr

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