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What is Hustle Dancing?

Hustle Dancing is not the same as the “The Hustle” line Dance Move. To set things straight, here’s a list of some quick facts to help you understand, if you’re still not sure, what Hustle Dancing really is.

1. Hustle Dance Move

“The Hustle” first originated in the late 1960’s disco clubs. It was mostly danced by ladies as a line dance, but the guys caught up quickly too. Hustle became a fast paced couple disco dance with various Latin flavours.

How they did it on Saturday Night Fever…

2. Latin, Swing, and Disco

Hustle Dance became popular very quickly all over the US and Latin America. Besides Latin and Swing being incorporated to a Disco beat, dancers at different parts of the country added their own flavors to it. Because of this, the dance went known by a number of names such as; Latin Hustle, Rope Hustle, Street Hustle and so on.

3. Rope Hustle?

The name rope hustle comes from a widespread move which was the basis of this flavor of Hustle. The dancers connect and move their arms in a smooth way, giving the effect that they are connected to each other with a rope.

Kenzie and Hara: Hustle-Town Dancers…

4. The predecessors from the 50’s

Besides the mainstream belief that Hustle was born in the late 60’s, this fusion based dance has its predecessors that were way beyond their time. In the 50’s, there was a very popular dance couple; Augie and Margo, who were the first to add different moves and flavors into Mambo, such as slides, spins, and adagio.

Augie and Margo dance and interview…

5. Hustle the where and the when

It is believed that the birthplace of Hustle is Florida and that the creators are Cuban dancers, since 1968. It’s also divided into region based flavors; N.Y. Hustle, which is fast paced and L.A. Hustle which is a bit slower. The NY Hustle dancers were the ones that paved the way to the dance and entertainment mainstream.

Kenzie J. Illnest and Hustle-Town…