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How to Strut Your Stuff in High Heels and Stay Kind to Your Feet

A woman naturally feels more sexy, seductive and self-confident when she’s able to move confidently in high heels. These ladies’ best friends are great confidence boosters.

Give a women the right pair of shoes... MM

But, not knowing how to walk in high heels properly will make you look like a donkey trying to be a gazelle (whatever that looks like).

donkey in high heels

Nevertheless, a lady who hasn’t tuned up her walk in stilettos will look anything but gracious. Not to mention the pain and issues these girls can cause you if you don’t learn to use with care, and to pamper your tootsies after an extended period of wearing them.

High Heels Pleasure and Pain

Boston Mobile Dance Studio is starting an awesome new movement class where you can learn all that and more. You’re welcome to join Movement Coach Melisa Valdez for Movement in Heels, where she’ll teach you the do’s and the don’ts of movement in heels and the art of seductive movement and dance in high heels. So if you’ve been wanting to improve your “sexy” in stilettos, don’t miss these classes!

If however, you don’t have time to join Melisa’s class, or perhaps you’d prefer to prepare a bit before joining the classes; here are some useful tips and tricks for walking in high heels and taking care of your feet and legs.

who invented high heels - mm

The DO’s of Walking in High Heels

  • Always walk heel to toe, leaning onto the balls of your feet.
  • Make small steps.
  • Go one foot in front of the other, follow a straight line.
  • Maintain a good posture; strong core, back straight, chest open, belly in.
  • Up the stairs, rely on the balls of your feet. Otherwise, your heels could make you roll backward down the stairs like a bowling ball down the aisle. 
  • Down the stairs, ensure stability by relying on the whole foot.
  • Make sure your shoes are the right size, think the size of the bigger foot (if you have one, like many of us do), and the length of your longest toe.
  • Avoid extended periods of time in high heels, few hours is enough, always have a pair of flats around
  • Practice, practice, practice!

The Don’ts of Wearing Heels

  • DO NOT wear high heels if you don’t know how to walk in them properly!
  • Avoid pointy toe shoes because they squeeze your toes. These can cause long-term damage and severe pain.
  • Never squeeze your feet into shoes which are too tight for you.
  • Don’t buy new shoes in the morning or late afternoon, because your feet are either too fresh or too swollen. Best time is mid-day when you’re somewhere in between.
  • Don’t buy unstable shoes, you can check this by knocking them on the back and seeing if they rock side to side. See this great video by Chyna Whyne from Walking in Stilettos.
  • Do not walk toe to heel.
  • Don’t stomp on your heels.
  • Avoid making that noisy clump with your heels, which announces your arrival a mile off!
  • Don’t wear high heels all day every day. Not only will you suffer from severe long-term damage on your feet, but your back will suffer too!
  • Don’t take off your heels when you’re away from home (unless you have to). You might find your feet have swollen up and you’ll have trouble putting them back on.

Pampering your tootsies

  • Stretch your feet and legs on a regular basis. Focus some stretching exercises especially on your toes, Achilles tendons, and calves.
  • Massage your feet and calves. You can use a glass bottle, a ball or a dough rolling pin.
  • Soak, moisturize and let them breathe.
  • Put your feet up!
  • Use soft silicone soles and cushions.
  • Try other handy remedies for blisters and pain.
  • Exercise your legs and your core so your body is strong enough to properly walk, move, dance and strut your stuff in high heels.

Learn the art of seductive movement and dance in high heels with Melisa Valdez…

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