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11 Killer Resources for Planning your wedding

Before writing this blog post, the original idea was to make a planning your wedding checklist. But then we realized that in this ocean, called The Internet, there are already hundreds, probably thousands (or even millions) of checklists out there.

That’s why we decided, instead of making yet another wedding checklist; we will collect all of the best checklists, apps and resources. That way you can choose which option suits you best for planning your wedding.

Planning your wedding can often become overwhelming. But in order to enjoy the ride, you gotta plan. So don’t leave things for the last minute. Choose the solution that suits you best and plan your wedding just the way you want it within your allocated budget.

Plan your wedding resource number 1

The Knot Wedding Checklist app

This handy little app can be used across all devices; PC, Android, iPhone. It consists of: wedding website references, checklist, registry, budgeter, guest list, favorites, access to community forums and a planner.

Checklist for planning your wedding
Image courtesy of The Knot

Plan your wedding resource number 2

Junebug weddings resources

Carrie from Junebug weddings, made a series of wedding resources articles and tools while she was preparing for her own wedding. Carrie’s “From blogger to bride” series consists of: a very practical wedding budget tool spreadsheet and a simple interactive checklist. You can also download the printable wedding checklist version.

checklist for planning your wedding
Image courtesy of Junebug Weddings

Plan your wedding resource number 3

The Massachusetts wedding guide has a wedding planning section. The section is broken down into tasks for your wedding with to do lists and additional resources. In order to access the planning section you will need to register with your wedding date.

Plan your wedding resource number 4

The Budget Savvy Bride resources

The Budget Savvy Bride has a great collection of 10 great apps for planning your wedding. The collection was reviewed by Jessica Bishop, and most of the apps are free.

Plan your wedding resource number 5

Dana from The budget savvy bride wrote a great piece on planning a wedding. The interesting thing about this piece is the Engineers Project Management approach. If you think about it, logically, a wedding is your life’s most important project. Or at least one of the most important ones. So when you’re planning your wedding, that’s also Project Management.

If you look at it from an engineer’s approach to project management, like Dana puts it in her piece, everything starts too look much more logical, and well… organized.

Dana’s article is super useful for those of you that want to plan your wedding yourself rather than hiring a wedding planner. Let’s face it, hiring a wedding planner is great to take the stress of your back, but the downside is can you fit that into your budget, and will the wedding planner do things the way you want them?

If you look at Dana’s article “Project Management for wedding planning: An engineer’s approach”, you’ll find she breaks it up into logical project management phases of the process. This makes things much clearer and easier to manage. She then goes on to give suggestions from her own experience and hints on planning and budgeting.

You can also download her wedding planning checklist for printing:

checklist for planning your wedding
Image courtesy of The Budget Savvy Bride

Plan your wedding resource number 6

Wedding Ideas magazine

Rachel Morgan did an in depth guide, wedding checklist series for time periods; 12-10 months, 9-6 and so forth. These articles are very detailed, with lots of resources, links, and videos that you can choose from. The whole series is created to guide you through the whole planning process.

Plan your wedding resource number 7

Wedding checklist Excel templates

If you prefer to make things as simple as possible. Don’t want to do too much research and want to make it minimalist. Then your best bet maybe a simple excel spreadsheet. You can choose from a variety of wedding planning templates at the Vertex 42 website.

Plan your wedding resource number 8

Magnet Street wedding stationary

At Magnet Street they make lovely designs; invites, save the dates, packaging and so forth. You can download a free printable fancy wedding checklist that you can print in colour and carry with you everywhere you go.

fancy wedding checklist
Image courtesy of Magnet Street

Plan your wedding resource number 9

Stress free approach to planning your wedding

Maddie Eisenhart from A Practical Wedding did a great article on stress free wedding planning. She simplifies the process by providing visual representation and suggestions for distributing an equal number of tasks to all parties; bride, groom and other wedding planning participants. You can also download the Word doc printable version of the checklist for planning your wedding.

Plan your wedding resource number 10

Wedding planning for the digital peeps

If you’re more of tech savvy bride/groom, you’ll prefer the digital approach. After all, you know your best buddy is your smartphone. You may be already using or you have used some of these apps. But here goes some apps from Popsugar, which you can use for planning your wedding and for planning anything else in your life.

Plan your wedding resource number 11

Get married without going bankrupt!

Don’t want to end up with empty pockets after your wedding? Checkout this awesome Infographic guide which can help you save $$$. “How to get married, without going bankrupt” by Vouchercloud. You’ll be amazed on what bits and pieces you can save money on, and you’d never even think of it!

get married not bankrupt
Vouchercloud Infographic – How to get married, without going bankrupt

And that’s a wrap-up! Got any wedding planning suggestions, share them with us and the creative community… we’d love to hear from you!