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Corporate dance class: Team building Through Movement

The basics

Team building through movement is a special corporate dance class for work team members. Obviously, the end goal of the special corporate dance class is team building through dance and creative movement.

The Corporate dance class “team building through movement” is an effective way to:

  • Break the ice amongst team members
  • Bring the team members closer
  • Improve communication
  • Learn to work in a team
  • Boost team spirit and enthusiasm
  • Create the feeling of belonging to something important
  • Unite and work in harmony

Who is this corporate dance class for?

  • Team members working together in a company
  • New work teams
  • Teams struggling to collaborate effectively
  • Teams looking to achieve better results
  • Teams that want to distress and have fun together
  • Any group of people that would like to learn to dance in a group and has the end goals defined in the class benefits.

The Corporate dance class “team building through movement” process

The “team building through movement” class consists of 5 classes.

First Class:

The group is introduced to the movement coach, who explains; the flow of the upcoming classes, the process and what they can expect and achieve through them.

The group shares and exchanges their thoughts, worries, difficulties and the group end goal.

After the warm up and relaxation; the movement coach creates choreography and teaches it to the group.

After the first class

Boston Mobile Dance Studio sends a video of choreography to all of the corporate dance class team members, which they can practice among themselves.

Group members share with each other; what they’ve learned and what they’ve had difficulties with. They help each other overcome difficulties. Encourage each other to learn and have fun, thus creating trust among them and developing better communication.

The second, third and fourth corporate dance class

During the next 3 classes, team members continue their practice of choreography, while focusing on communicating with each other, overcoming difficulties, supporting and encouraging each other, and above all having fun.

Boston Mobile Dance Studio is continuously supporting the group during the whole process.

The last class

The last class is video recorded by Boston Mobile Dance Studio.

During the last corporate dance class, the group talks about what they’ve learned, what they’ve had the most difficulties with and how they’ve overcome them.

They resolve any possible disagreements by accepting each other with their differences and diverse opinions in order to create the atmosphere of empowerment and tolerance.

They practice their general rehearsal of the dance choreography.

After the last class

The group presents the dance they’ve learned during their Corporate Team building dance classes, to the public e.g. within their company or according to the mutually agreed setting. Before presenting the dance, they describe how the process has been for them and how it has helped them with their team building.

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