Carl Alleyne

Publish Date:

October 31, 2016

vaudeville funk event survey
Hey, Vaudeville Funkateers!
Vaudeville Funk was a great success and we hope you’ve enjoyed the ride with us all!
As Vaudeville Funk will become an annual festival of Locking and Creativity, we’d really like to hear your thoughts and opinions…
We really appreciate your support and your feedback is so important. That’s why we’d like to offer 3 five class cards, to 3 lucky winners…
All you have to do is take part in the Vaudeville Funk Event Survey, which has only 6 questions. We totally value your time, so to show our appreciation we’re offering you the opportunity to win a five-class card.
By taking part in the survey, you could be one of the 3 lucky winners who will win a free five class card.

The Vaudeville Funk Event Survey


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