Ama Edzie

Movement Coach :  Ama Ama was born and raised in Boston, MA. She always loved how dance can bring people together. Ama grew up listening to Hip Hop and African music. As a youth she choreographed and danced in Hip Hop dance crews and African dance troupes. She led various dance troupes at Boston College in Hip Hop, Dancehall and African Dance as well. Certified in Zumba August 2011, Ama’s current and past Zumba classes includes Boston University, YMCA Hyde Park & West Roxbury, Newton Community Education, Crunch and Z Spot. Ama participates and djs in various Zumba fundraisers and events all over Boston. Ama teaches Zumba Kids and Family Zumba and volunteers her time for Dancehall Bootcamps at local schools. Ama was drawn to dance because you can “dance like nobody’s watching” while getting fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.