Jessica Yeh

Movement specialist, dance / pilates / yoga Jessica takes great joy in her ability to affect positive change on an individual’s quality of life through breath and movement. As a dancer of 22 years she’s developed innate body awareness through her extensive training. Her passion for dance eventually led her to study other disciplines such as pilates, physical therapy, yoga and bodywork. After completing 2 years of classical studies she was certified under the Power Pilates Method and has been teaching pilates since 2007. As a physical therapy aide Jessica was able to apply her pilates & massage skills to assist patients in the healing process. Working directly with rugby players to rock climbers and dancers to martial artists she was able to bear witness to the profound effects. It was during this time that discovered her calling and love for mentoring young aspiring athletes. In 2010 she began to take her yoga practice more seriously and has been teaching since 2013. Her deepest desire is to help students connect to their core, develop greater mind-body awareness and provide them with essential tools for life and career longevity both as athletes and individuals. Jessica’s strength lies in her compassion, ability to communicate, engage and awaken others to their truest and greatest potential. Philosophy: “Moving is my medicine.”